iTunes – There is a Problem with this Windows Installer Package (Fixed)

    The following post has all the possible workarounds to fix “iTunes there is a problem with this Windows installer package issue.”

    iTunes - There is a Problem with this Windows Installer Package

    iTunes is an Apple’s mobile device management, the media player, Internet radio broadcaster, and the media player application. It let users play music, download music and manage digital media files which includes video and music files on the system running Windows and Mac operating system.

    The process to install iTunes on a machine running Windows operating system is simple. Download the Setup file using from the official website, run the step file and follow instructions guided by the iTunes installer.

    In normal condition, the installation of iTunes on the Windows PC or laptop completes flawlessly, but in particular cases, users might face various issues in completing the installation.

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    There are lots of users complaining about the issue iTunes – There is a Problem with this Windows Installer Package when they trying to install the iTunes with an error code 1722, 1721, 1720, etc. While in some case, users seeing the issue when they trying to uninstall the program.

    iTunes – There is a Problem with this Windows Installer Package (Fixed)

    In case, you’re facing the issue, then there are possible workarounds which you can do to fix the same iTunes issue. So without further delay why don’t you reading about them:

    1. Reboot your machine

    I have shared this so many times that rebooting a Windows machine fix 70 percent of the issues. So before doing anything else reboot your machine for this situation too. After that try to install the iTunes.

    2. Damaged Setup File

    In most of the cases, the users face the same iTunes issue due to the damaged or outdated version of the program setup file.

    While uninstalling the iTunes, if you’re facing the same issue, then it is because the iTunes uninstaller functionality is damaged or corrupted.

    3. Download and Install right setup file

    On the download page of iTunes, you will find two setup files, i.e., iTunes for 32-bit machine and iTunes for a 64-bit machine.

    itunes download page

    For example, if you own a 64-bit based Windows machine, then you need to download and install 64-bit setup for iTunes. If you try to install 32-bit setup on a 64-bit machine, then you will definitely see the same error.

    4. Download iTunes Setup in Different location

    Lots of users suggested that they fixed the same issue just by doing the following workaround. Here is what you need to do:

    1. At first, delete old iTunes setup file

    2. After that clear temporary internet files (different browser has a different procedure, so search for the step on accompanied by temporary files folder.

    To delete temporary files in Windows 10, launch Settings -> System -> Storage -> Change how we free up space -> Click ‘Clear now‘ button under Temporary files.

    how to delete temporary files in windows 10

    3. Now you need to download the iTunes setup file again, but this time try to download it to a different location. For example, if you have downloaded the setup file in the Downloads section, then this time download it on the Desktop or document folder.

    4. At last, run the Setup file and check if this completes the installation of iTunes or not.

    5. Try Microsoft Troubleshooter

    You can run ‘Program Install and Uninstall Troubleshooter’ on your machine to fix the issue. For that visit this page and click on the download button.

    program install and uninstall troubleshooter

    Now run the installer and follow the instructions guided by the troubleshooter. This will fix the issue.

    6. Repair iTunes

    In case, you’re not able to uninstall the iTunes from the system and seeing the error message, i.e., There is a Problem with this Windows Installer Package on iTunes then try to repair the iTunes.

    Here is how to do that:

    Launch Settings -> Apps -> Apps & Features -> Select iTunes -> Modify -> Select Repair -> Next. Once the repairing process is completed.

    repair itunes in windows 10

    Try to uninstall the iTunes.

    Note: All the method discussed above can be used to troubleshoot the issue with all the Apple programs.

    That’s it!

    I assure you that one of workaround discussed above will fix the issue, i.e., iTunes – There is a Problem with this Windows Installer Package.

    Let me know if you find this blog post useful, let me know in the comment section.

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