10 Best & Rejuvenating Rainmeter Visualizer Skins for Windows 10

    Are you looking for Rainmeter visualizer skins? The blog post has more inspiring examples of visualizers created by talented artists.

    Best visualizer for Rainmeter

    Rainmeter is one of the best desktop customization programs that offer various options to customize your Windows PC desktop. You can either use Rainmeter skins, which include Visualizer skins, Clock skins, and even more. You can also use the Rainmeter suite if you’re looking for an all-in-one package.

    The following blog post is about Rainmeter visualizers. With the help of Visualizer skins, you can show cool visualizer of the songs or audio playing in the default music player.

    When you load Visualizer skin on Rainmeter, it only shows you a visualizer depending on what kind of functionality it offers. Just like any Rainmter skin, you can also install Visualizer on your computer. For your help, you can check our previous post on How to Install Rainmeter Skins in Windows 10.

    Best Rainmeter Visualizer Skins 2021

    Some users might be looking for best Visualizer skins, and if you’ve made up so far, then you’re one out of them for sure. Fortunately, there are tons of Visualizer skins available on the internet. We have picked some of the best ones and listed them in this blog post.

    Here’s the first one in the list:

    1. Monstercat Visualizer

    monstercat visualizer for rainmeter

    A cool audio visualizer that is used by the Monstercat in their YouTube videos. It supports major media player which including, Google Play Music, Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, and other web music player.

    It offers live visualization of the audio output, customizable fonts & colors, Media Controls & progress bar, and even more.

    2. Fountain of Colors

    fountain of colors visualizer for rainmeter

    Fountain of Colors is another good desktop music visualizer, offers scalable bars and colors. You can also place visualizer vertically or horizontally, including other aspects, which include bar width, angle, height, sensitivity, minimum/maximum frequency, and more.

    3. Nelamint

    nelamint rainmeter visualizer

    Nelamint is minimalistic Rainmeter skins that offer cool audio visualizer. It only comes with audio visualizer skin, but also has a music player, social media launcher, system monitoring, and more.

    4. VisBubble

    visbubble rainmeter visualizer

    VisBubble is an amazing round audio visualizer skin for Rainmeter. It reacts to the sound or music playing on your computer. It offers a nice colorful circular wave or circular extruding bars. It comes with a menu that lets you customize gradient bar size, length, and more.

    5. Kantas Akra

    Kantas Akra raimeter visualizer

    Kantas Akra is another audio visualizer that offers smooth and simple vertical bars on the desktop that react according to audio output. In case, you’re using simple and clean visualizer, then Kantas Akra is worth trying. It also offers a menu that makes it easier to customize the skin the way you want.

    6. Frost Visualizer

    front visualizer for rainmeter

    Frost Rainmeter Visualizer is another nice Rainmeter visualizer that reacts to audio on your computer with visually appealing chilly vertical visualizer.

    7. The Fizzualizer

    the fizzualizer rainmeter visualizer

    The Fizzualizer is another beautiful Rainmeter visualizer skin that displays expanding colorful bubbles accompanied by small bouncing balls above the bubbles. If you’re looking for a visualizer that is visually appealing, then Fizzualizer is worth trying.

    8. Radian Linear Visualizer

    radian linear visualizer for rainmeter

    Radian Linear Visualizer is anther cool visualizer skin that is based on the poplar Monstercat visualizer; it means you will find all the features of that skin in the RLV.

    It offers various live visualization for music playback, 36 unique settings, rhythmical frequency bars, simple media control and even more.

    9. Eye of the Strom

    Eye of the strom rainmeter visualizer

    Eye of the Storm is a unique visualizer skin that has a comprehensive admin panel and lets users change the option and customize the visualizer look. The visualizer starts reacting when the audio output bass goes up. You can set maximum and minimum frequency, adjust sensitivity, change decay speed, and even more.

    10. Proximity

    proximity visualizer for rainmeter

    Proximity for Rainmeter is an optional visualizer that supports all media player that Rainmeter offer. It has a highly customizable draggable progress bar.

    These are some of the best Rainmeter visualizers which you can try on your computer. Apart from these are various sources available on the internet from where you can download more visualizer skins, which include DeviantArt Visualizer, VisualSkins, and RainmeterUI.

    In case you’re already using any other Rainmeter visualizer on your computer, which we have not mentioned in this blog post, then feel free to share it in the comments.

    Note: We will update this blog post time to time, so keep checking this blog post frequently for the latest Rainmeter visualizer.

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