The Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10 – (Mega List Updated for 2021)

    Looking for some of the best Rainmeter skins for Windows 10 PC? In this post, you will read about the mega list of Windows 10 Rainmeter themes.

    best rainmeter skins for windows 10 - 2021

    If you spend most of the time staring at the screen of the Windows 10 desktop, then it is a good idea to customize it to provide a fresh look Rainmeter Windows 10 skins. In return, you will not get bored while working on it and spend more time working.

    But the question is how to personalize Windows 10 desktop? No doubt there are lots of Windows 10 Themes available on the Windows Store that you can employ to give a productive environment.

    The good thing about Windows operating system is that there is no end to customizing Windows. There is a variety of desktop customization tools for Windows 10 available on the market, and one out of them is Rainmeter. And this post is based on Rainmeter Skins and Rainmeter Theme. But first, why don’t you read a little about Rainmeter

    What is Rainmeter?

    Rainmeter is a desktop customization software for Windows operating system. It allows users to display customizable skins on the Windows desktop, from fully functional audio visualizer to hardware usage meters.

    It comes with a few simple and best Rain meter skins to get started.

    I know… I know, lots of users like me are not satisfied with starter Rainmeter skins and want some beautiful and innovative skins for their PC. There are lots of best websites to download Rainmeter skins available on the internet. But they’re also a big fan of lazy and don’t want to spend their time on these sites to find the Windows 10 Rainmeter skins.

    Rainmeter Questions and Answers

    • Q – Are Rainmeter skins safe?

    A – It all depends on from where you download Rainmeter skins. If you’re using a trusted source like Rainmeter repository and Deviantart, you can good to go.

    • Q – How Do I download Rainmeter skins?

    A – There are lots of places to download rainmeter skins online. But trusted sources are limited. You can download it from DeviantArt, Rainmeter Forum, Reddit Rainmeter and (

    • Q – How to Install Rainmeter Skins in Windows 10?

    A – The process to install Rainmeter skins on Windows 10 and other Windows OS is same and simple, you can refer to this post – Install Rainmeter skins.

    • Q – How do I play Music in Rainmeter Skins?

    A – For that, you can download and install Music Rainmeter skins on your computer. There are various skins available on Deviant Art. Simple search for Music in Deviant art search.

    • Q – Where are my Rainmeter Skins stored?

    A – All skins are stored in Rainmeter’s “Skins” folder. The default location is the skins folder is this: C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins

    • Q – How do I change my Rainmeter skin size?

    A – Unfortunately, there is no setting available to achieve this, but that doesn’t mean its impossible. You would have to edit the skin and change things like FontSize W, H, X, and Y settings. You have to learn how to use Rainmeter if you want to change how skins look or behave.

    Best Rainmeter Themes and Skins 2021

    To help those users we decided to write this post in which you will read about Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10 PC. Before that, it is important to read about Rainmeter Launcher or How to Install Rainmeter Skins on Windows 10.

    Once done with the Rainmeter installation, you can check out the list of best Rainmeter Themes 2021:

    1. Enigma Skin – (Best Rainmeter Skin 2021)

    enigma - best rainmeter skin

    Enigma is a popular Rainmeter skin suite well known as Rainmeter system monitor apps. It has a neutral design, over 100 customization options, up to seven variants for a particular skin, and more.

    2. Targeting The Bone Dragon Rainmeter Desktop

    Targeting The Bone Dragon Rainmeter Desktop

    Targeting The Bone Dragon is slightly on the gaming side with a cool-looking wallpaper. The skin gives you various widgets like clock, disk storage, power option, wifi, weather, and an app drawer. You can customize the widgets as per your requirements.

    3. Senja Suit 1.0

    Senja Suit - Best Rainmeter Skins suit

    Lightweight and clean Rainmeter skin. It displays information that includes user profile button, time, a slideshow of favorite photos, shutdown/reboot/Logs off buttons, and media information accompanied by control buttons.

    4. PolarPrecise Clock For Rainmeter

    polar precise rainmeter skin

    The theme does not have any widgets apart from the clock widget. The clock widget has a polar clock design, which has two ways to read the current 5-minute interval. The color, as well as the size of the clock, can be customized.

    In case, you’re looking for more Rainmeter Visualizer skins, then you can check out this blog post: 10 Best Clock Skins for Rainmeter.

    5. Ironman Jarvis

    Ironman Jarvis  - Best Rainmeter Skins

    Want to get your own JARVIS powered PC? Give a try to Ironman Jarvis Rainmeter skin. It is fully customizable and displays information like Temperature details, Hard disk capacity, Clock and Date, RSS feeds, a shortcut to system folders, and much more.

    6. Ageo


    It’s a minimal skin for Rainmeter that brings material design look to your computer desktop with Date, Time, Cool Music Player, Weather Widget, and other running motivation quotes widget.

    7. Windows 10 Tech HUD Rainmeter

    Windows 10 Tech HUD Rainmeter Theme

    This theme doesn’t create processes at the backend and doesn’t degrade the performance of your PC at all. The theme has beautiful wallpaper, which looks cool with the widgets applied.

    8. Aliens


    Aliens skin explains the importance of wallpaper in desktop customization. The skin modules are easily configurable and consist of everything from Power status and Disk partition to network download and upload speed from date/time to weather and more.

    9. Monstercat Visualizer

    Aliens - Best Rainmeter Skins

    Monstercat Visualizer is a real-time audio visualizer skin for Rainmeter just like the one used in the Monstercat videos. It supports all the major media players like Spotify and Google Player desktop players and more.

    In case, you’re looking for more Rainmeter Visualizer skins, then you can check out this blog post: 10 Best Visualizer for Rainmeter.

    10. Tech Overkill Rainmeter Theme

    Tech Overkill Rainmeter Theme

    Tech Overkill is another rainmeter theme that you can go for. The theme does offer various customization, like customizing the vertical launcher, horizontal small launcher, folders, and various other things.

    Moreover, the skin gives you themes like a minimal clock design, connect drive usage, app drawer, location, weather, CPU usage, all of which you can customize as per your freedom.

    11. Speed

    Speed - Best Rainmeter Skins

    Another beautiful skin for the user who’s a great fan of transparency and frosted glass effects. The skin looks perfect if matched with minimal and muted wallpapers. You can rearrange skin modules to look perfect on desktop resolutions. It shows information like Network status, Date and Time, RAM and CPU usage, Unchecked email counts, Weather forecast, Temperature and more.

    12. Monochromatic Redux

    monochromatic redux  - Best rainmeter skin

    If you’re a fan of a trashy look and graffiti style, then Monochromatic Redux is your cup of coffee. It uses a high-quality background that fits any desktop resolution perfectly. The skins come with various modules which include Weather bar, System bar, RSS Reader, Calendars, Notes, Dock, Slideshow, iTunes Controller with lyrics, and 10 ft HUD.

    13. Gemini Suite

    Gemini Suite skin for rainmeter

    Gemini Suite is a simple skin for Rainmeter that offers RAM, CPU, Date & time, audio-output switcher, and storage widget on the top. You can also add your favorite apps and games as a widget. The skin lets you integrate a steam account and Xbox bar to quickly launch games and access various tools right from the desktop.

    14. Pileus Suite

    new rainmeter skin pileus suite

    Another top-notch Rainmeter skin was available on the DeviantArt. The skin includes various includes Clocks, Notes,  Systems, Launchers, Weather reader, WinAmp reader/controller, RSS Reader, and Crest.

    15. Elegance 2

    elegance 2 rainmeter skins

    The polished and elaborated version of the highly used Elegance Rainmeter skin. It comes with popular modules that an ideal skin must-have. It has now playing player, date, CPU & RAM, net download and upload, Gmail, Hard Drive, Weather icons, recycle bin and more.

    16. Before Dawn

    before dawn rainmeter skin

    It’s one of the easy to use skin available. All you have to do is to run and it will start to display an amazing information bar on the desktop. The skin shows you information which includes date and time, current location, shortcut to launch sites and programs, and RSS feed which you have subscribed

    17. Simply Nova

    Simply Nova rainmeter skin

    SimplyNova is an old is gold Rainmeter skin. When it was first launched, it won the tag of Skin of the Month and gained around 500,000 downloads. It let you view the weather conditions, current date and time, RAM/ CPU/ Disk Usage accompanied by network bandwidth usage, IP Address in real time.

    18. Simple Media 1.1

    simple media rainmeter skin

    The skin is featuring various elements from Enigma and Token skins. It is featuring modules for date and time, Weather and Recycle bin accompanied by the meter.

    19. FLHUD

    FLHUD rainmeter skin

    FLHUD is awesome Rainmeter skin that makes it easier for you to switch to any site by making a single click. It offers top-bar widget with customizable hyperlinks, data & time, and lastly Spotify visualizer

    20. Gruvy Rainmeter HUD Skin

    Gruvy Rainmeter HUD Skin

    The skin somewhat looks like a processor embedded into a motherboard. The skin has features like animated transitions for time and weather, custom icons for the icons which match with the theme, CPU usage, keyboard locks state skin, audio visualizer skin, custom action skin, and various others.

    21. Honeycomb

    honeycomb rainmeter skin

    Honeycomb is an interesting skin that has hexagons look like a honeycomb. Inside it, you can create a shortcut to get quick access to websites and apps. The icon list includes Chrome, Evernote, CSGO, Notepad, Photoshop premiere, Plex, Reddit, Speedfan, Steam, Teamspeak, Imgur, Music, Popcorntime, uTorrent, and system settings.

    22. Blue Green Fresh

    blue green fresh rainmeter skin

    Blue Green Fresh is another innovative skin that contains application (browser, game, desktop, office), desktop monitoring (CPU, Hard Disk, and RAM Usage), music (Winamp and AIMP), notes to remember things, and much more.

    23. Obsidian

    obsidian rainmeter skin

    The Rainmeter skin is based on Obsidian. It is a complete set of small customization system monitoring widgets for your PC desktop. It Obsidian suite includes Clock, Calendar, Drive, Gmail, Network, Recycle Bin, Weather, System monitoring and CAD Skin.

    24. WISP

    wisp rainmeter skin

    WISP is another excellent Rainmeter skin boast various features just like any other skins which include overall CPU usage and temperature monitor, GPU usage, and temperature, Swap and RAM usage, Network monitoring, accompanied by the module for Email, Recycle Bin, Weather, Date and more.

    25. Sidebar Rainmeter Theme

    sidebar rainemter theme

    As the name suggests, every widget is in the sidebar present on the theme, except for the clock widget. A minimalist clock widget is placed at the center whereas, all the widgets such as app drawer, essential tools, drive usage, and CPU usage is available in the sidebar. You can customize the sidebar as per your desire.  

    26. Horde

    horder rainmter skins

    Horde is another beautiful Rainmeter skin featuring Circle System Resources, Power toy, and other modules from popular skin Enigma-like RSS Reader, Network Address, Taskbar, Calendar, Twitter Reader and more.

    27. Rainmeter Orange Glow

    orange glow rainmeter skin

    This skin includes various popular applications like Icon Package, Window Blinds, CD Art Display which makes this skin look beautiful.

    28. Skyrim Rainmeter Suite v2

    skyrim rainmter skin

    Skyrim Rainmeter Suite v2 based on popular Skyrim game. The skin includes around 12 different skins. It comes with various features like battery life bar, two clock skins, three CPU utilization bars, Horizontal bars, launchers, music player controllers, shutdown/sleep/restart button and more.

    29. Razor

    Razor - Best Rainmeter Skins

    Razor skin for Rainmeter comes with frosted glass effect accompanied full of transparency. It displays information that includes weather, drive shortcuts, power status, and more. It also comes with a customizable dock accompanied by network status.

    30. Rainify

    rainify skin for rainmeter

    Rainify is another Rainmeter suite and aims to be both elegant and functional. Everything in the skin is customizable you can customize color, opacity, and much more. It has a set of skins for Clock, Google Calendar, Battery, Facebook, Media Player, and much more.

    31. Eker Lina

    Eker lima - Best Rainmeter Skins

    One of the beautifully designed and the best Rainmeter skins available and display lots of information like Media controls, System folder, RSS feeds, Drive shortcuts, Current weather, Time and Date.

    32. Mass Effect Rainmeter Skins

    Mass Effect - Best Rainmeter Skins

    This is dedicated to the fan of the popular game named as Mass Effect. The skin will provide you a feel that Command Shepard is going against the Reapers. The skin consists of various modules such as Media playback/Control Panel, Date and Time bar, Network statistics graph, Hard disk information panel and much more.

    33. Avengers SHIELD

    Avengers Shield - Best Rainmeter Skins

    It is a revised SHIELD Avengers OS skin for Rainmeter. It is available in varied resolutions and consists of useful shortcuts to often access apps like Media player and Browsers. It also includes CPU and RAM usage display, Volume controls, Control Bar/Media playback, reboot and shutdown buttons, SHIELD Eagle tag and much more.

    34. Darkness Fall

    best rainmeter skin darkness fall

    It is a fantastic Rainmeter skin featuring a beautiful landscape that makes your desktop looks gorgeous. To make this perfect skin developer has employed various apps which include Windows Blinds, Cursor Fx, Icon Packager, Object Dock, Object Dock, CD Art Display, Calendar, Bar, and more.

    35. Neon Space Rainmeter 2.4

    neon space rainmeter skin windows 10

    If you want to take the feel of 3D and Glassy effects, then try Neon Space Rainmeter skins. It comes with support for various languages and loads faster. It also comes with new audio visualizers, Spotify, and other popular audio players, let you change fonts, weather skins, and lot more.

    36. ABP 1.2

    abp rainmeter skin

    ABP Skin for Rainmeter is a suite that comes with white and black color featuring a configure tool similar to Tabmeter 2. It is featuring refined white color skins, new search skin, volume control skin accompanied by all in one skin featuring Weather, System, ToDo RSS Reader, and apps in the smallest space.

    37. Pog Pack

    pog pack rainmeter skin

    Pog Pack is easy to customize rainmeter skins that comes with 10 different variables using which you can customize the look of the skin. To get most of this skin it is required to install Enigma suite and must be running version 1.3 or above of the Rainmeter.

    38. Mond

    mond rainmeter skin

    Its a minimalistic, light, and highly customizable skin that lets you add various widgets on the computer desktop. It has support for Spotify for desktop, but don’t work with Web player. The skin doesn’t eat up your computer resources at the backend.

    39. Moderate

    moderate rainmeter skins

    Moderate is amazing Rainmeter skin that changes your desktop UI to Android UI. The skin offers launch, music controls, quick settings toggle. It has all the thing which Android homescreen has.

    40. Windows 9 Single mark 4

    windows 9 single mark 4 rainmeter skin

    It is the impressive Rainmeter skin available on the internet. It is a skin based on Windows OS concept. You can try this skin to make your desktop look awesome.

    41. Glass Rainmeter Theme HUD

    Glass Rainmeter Theme HUD 0.1

    It is a sleek and elegant theme that you can install on your PC. The skin provides what we can call an aesthetic feel to your computer. You do not get too many widgets, except for those that most users prefer using.

    42. Galaxy Suite Rainmeter

    Galaxy Suite Rainmeter

    Galaxy Suite Rainmeter skins contain a clock with time, date, and CPU meter that shows you the history of 10 minutes. It also has a system monitor, music player, launcher, four-page notes, maps, weather which automatically detect the local weather, search, and much more.

    43. Dark Simplistic Flat Rainmeter Theme

    Dark Simplistic Flat Rainmeter Theme

    Enough of normal themes of Rainmeter, now what we have on the list is this elegant dark theme. The theme in various aspects looks like a scrum board with widgets representing the tasks assigned, with a dark theme.

    The widgets on the skin are well arranged and are better for those people who want productivity. Well, you do get widgets like notes, calendar, weather, disk usage, CPU optimization, Sign-in Widget, and various others.

    44. TECH-A

    Tech A - Best Rainmeter Skins

    Another beautiful and best Rainmeter skins for the fans. This skin display information like 0 to 6 drives and CPU’s, Upload and Download, RAM usage, Weather details, useful shortcuts, and related stuff.

    45. Simply Minimalistic Rainmeter Theme HUD

    Simply Minimalistic Rainmeter Theme HUD

    The skin is what we can call minimalistic and clean, with not too much on the interface. The skin doesn’t offer many widgets, but it looks elegant the way it is. You only get few widgets including clock setup, weather, date, CPU usage, and disk usage.

    46. Simple Media Rainmeter Theme

    Simple Media Rainmeter Theme

    The theme includes multiple themes into a single pack. The themes may differ in colors, fonts, sizes, widgets, and various other customizations. Each theme is uniquely designed to make your computer look and feel aesthetic.

    47. ASUS Reload Rainmeter Skin

    ASUS Reload Rainmeter Skin

    The skin has the ROG logo, which looks way cooler, and will be best for you if you using an ASUS computer. You can customize everything on this skin be it the theme color or the widgets used. This skin has various widgets, including the clock, CPU usage and monitoring, app drawer, and others.

    48. Dark Creed Rainmeter Theme

    Dark Creed Rainmeter Theme

    Dark Creed is Rainmeter skins dedicated to assassin’s creed lovers. The theme is elegant and sleek, with widgets that match the background of the skin. The widgets and fonts are designed to match up with the whole theme.

    The skins features Minimal Clock Design, CPU Usage and monitoring, Connected Drives, Weather and Date, Location, and App Drawer (icons separate)

    Note: We regularly Update New Rainmeter Themes and Skins in this article so keep visiting.

    Let us know your favorite Rainmeter Theme or skin. In case, you’re already using a cool rainmeter skin on your PC, then feel free to share the name of that skin in the comments.

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      Thank you for putting this together, it’s not only a list of good looking skins, but also helps people new to Rainmeter get a feel for what it is capable of.

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