ViVeTool v0.2.1 now works in Windows 10 x86 and ARM Devices

    ViVeTool from Albacore is a handy tool using which users can activate hidden features in Windows 10 Insider version. There are a various hidden features in Windows 10 that users can activate using this tool.

    vivetool latest version

    Recently, Microsoft changes the data type of change stamp from UInt to ULong, and due to this reason, it was impossible to enable Windows 10 hidden feature using ViVeTool on Windows 10 32-bit and ARM.

    Fortunately, Albacore has released the ViveTool v0.2.1 which restores the functionality on Windows 10 32-bit and ARM devices. You can check the changelog and download the latest version from this page of GitHub.

    In reply to our post tweet on Twitter, Albacore shared that:

    The data type change is simply a correction of an oversight on my side. The app relies on reverse engineered API definitions and I misjudged one of the data types. This still worked fine on x64 but broke on x86.

    You might be interested in reading about cool feature which you can enable using ViVeTool:

    Do you use ViveTool to enable Windows 10 hidden features? Which features you enabled using this tool, let us know in the comments.

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