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    Parenting has been a concern for every person. It doesn’t depend on generation wise. Let it be old-classic or a modern parent, every single one want the best for their children. The stage of their child growing and passing through various stages of life is much concerning.


    It is natural for every parent to worry about the well-being and on-going situations in every child’s life, right? Well, many such reasons of concern could be educational stress, relation with other people, understanding their life tracks, etc… No parents wish harm to their child. But sadly, things may always go overhead. The main root of any person’s life especially a teenager is their mobile phone. Their secrets, their lifestyle, their daily concerns all are behind that one small device.

    But is it really possible to get a catch on this? It may be really difficult to convince your child to share things related to their life. They may not openly share about what’s going on? Whom they are talking to? They may not be ready to accept your suggestions or even upbringing.

    Here we are, suggesting the Best Parental control and remote monitoring application named ‘Spyic’. An application that is a solution for every concern of a parent.


    The Spyic application has many features, most importantly, Message monitoring and Location tracking. Isn’t that obvious? Messages are the biggest revelers of every person’s life. It is not a matter to worry that your child is spending too much time on the phone texting someone. The thing that matters is, who is that person? There are many circumstances where your child may trust someone and spend a lot of time. Bonding is always a bliss, but what if the intention of the other person is not up to the mark? There can be harmful thoughts against your child. So, to keep things under control, Spyic has brought the Best Message Monitoring feature.

    Location tracking is another important feature because giving our children freedom is their right. But there is always a situation that demands parents to say ‘No’ to their children to go somewhere. Bunking of school, colleges, or sneaking outside home at night. There can be many situations. It is always better to stay prepared than been too late. The location tracking feature provided by Spyic is really efficient and smooth. If someday your child is late to home and is not responding to your messages or call, you can always tune up the Spyic application and look at their live location.

    Other different features that Spyic application provides are:

    • Looking through contacts
    • Browsing WhatsApp messages and Call logs
    • Creating Geo-Fence (you will receive an alert once your child passes a specific boundary that you set virtually)
    • Browsing the history

    Another feature that makes Spyic the best parental control application is the ‘Stealth mode‘. You can monitor the phone of your child transparently without them knowing. Yes, you heard us. Spyic does not interfere with any settings of your child’s phone. It is simply activated and let the application work scenario. Spyic has been serving many people to aid through their marriage. Of course, trust is the biggest friend in any relation, but many users have reported that tracking their husband’s phone or maybe vice versa has made things clear.

    Spyic app is available for both Android and iOS devices. To root and jailbreak is required to start using the app. The basic plan starts from $39.99 for Android $99.99 for an iOS device for a single device. You can check other plans on this page. In case, you want to test the app before purchasing it, then the company also suggests users to take the demo first.

    We would conclude that having safety thoughts for your family is always been a natural instinct. Spyic is providing features that may help you look after your loved ones without any interference. Your privacy is safe. With over 4100+ users review, Spyic had made the application compatible with every person as per their requirement and major concerns. In fact, Spyic is used by millions of people in approximately 190 countries, the number says it all. Family is not a choice of its responsibility, let’s take a step front to fulfill them.

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