Bing Search let you Search Information & Sites using your Voice

    Bing on the desktop has been updated with a new and useful feature using which users can search for information and websites on Bing using your voice.

    Using Bing’s Voice Search feature is super easy. Voice search can be accessed by clicking on the microphone icon in the search bar on Bing’s main page.

    microphone permissions

    You will find Search using Voice icon will appear search box in addition to other search feature Search by Image and Search the web.

    search bing using voice

    For the first time, when you click on the Search using voice icon, Bing will ask for permission to access the microphone on your PC in order to answer your queries.

    There are two entries in the Bing Search settings for this new feature which includes:

    • Read aloud Search – Enable spoken answer for voice search
    • Audio data consent – Allows Microsoft to store and use audio data to improve speech services

    To manage Voice search settings, you need to click on the Hamburger icon > Settings > Voice Search.

    bing voice search

    Do you think voice search is a useful addition to Bing Search? What other features would you like to see built into the Microsoft search engine? Tell us in the comments.

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