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DWM.exe has Stopped Working Error in Windows 10 v2004


The latest versions of Windows 10 would appear to be affected by a bug that causes the DWM.exe process to crash with the Windows Manager Desktop error message stopped working.

Microsoft has reported about the Windows Manager Desktop process (DWM.exe) crashes in the action when repeatedly closing and opening the lid in the presence of a 4K display configuration in Windows 10.

dwm has stopped working

As per the information shared by Microsoft, the issue occurs due to a malfunction in the Microsoft DirectX Video Memory Management (Dxgmms2.sys) component. Microsoft also confirmed that its not a hardware issue and they working on fixing the issue.

Microsoft also suggested that, if you’re seeing a dialog box with error message i.e. “DWM.exe has Stopped Working” at startup in Windows 10, then you can fix the issue by restarting your device. You can consider it a temporary solution.

As we discussed above, Microsoft is working on fixing the issue and soon patch the issue.

Do you see a dialog box with the error message “DWM.exe has Stopped Working” when repeatedly close and open the lid in Windows 10? Does temporary solution fix the issue Tell us in the comments?

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