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You can now export Microsoft Edge Collections to OneNote


It is now possible to Export Microsoft Edge collections to Microsoft OneNote in Canary Channel. Let’s learn more about the feature.

After integrating Edge Collection with Pinterest, the company added a new feature that allows users to export collections to OneNote. The feature was first introduced by Microsoft at virtual Build 2020.

The option to export Edge collections to OneNote is available in the latest version of the Edge browser in the Canary channel. If you want to try the feature, then here’s how you can use it:

Export Microsoft Edge Collections to OneNote

Launch Microsoft Edge browser

Click on the Collections icon available on the Edge toolbar

Click on an existing collection icon available on the toolbar or create your first collection in Edge.

Send Microsoft Edge Collection to OneNote

Click on the particular Collection name and then click on the Ellipse icon, from the menu select “Send to OneNote

save edge collection in onenote notebook

Choose a location for the Collection and select a notebook and click on “Save

Do you use Collections in Microsoft Edge? What are your thoughts about Microsoft introducing functionality to Send Collections to OneNote.

Thanks, Techdows for the tips

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