How to Remove Duplicate Favorites in Microsoft Edge v81

    Microsoft added a new Remove Duplicate Favorites option in the Edge browser. In this blog post learn how to use it.

    How to Remove Duplicate Favorites in Microsoft Edge Chromium

    Starting with latest version of Microsoft Edge in stable branch i.e. Edge v81, the company added a new feature entry called ‘Remove duplicate favorites’. With the help of this option, users can remove duplicate entries available in the bookmarks lists by making a single click.

    Remove Duplicate Bookmarks from Microsoft Edge

    If you want to use Remove duplicate favorite option, then here’s how what you need to do:

    Update Microsoft Edge browser to Edge v81.

    Click on the Favorite icon available on the toolbar, then from the menu select Remove duplicate favorites.

    Remove duplicate favorites from Microsoft Edge Settings

    Clicking on the same button will take you to the “Remove duplicates” settings page for Favorite.

    remove duplicate favorites from settings page

    In case, you have hidden Favorite button on the toolbar, then you can directly visit this address edge://favorites/removeDuplicates

    Here on this page, you will see a Remove duplicate favorites dialog telling you to review the changes. Clicking the Remove button will remove duplicate Favorite without extra prompts.

    duplicates were removed review your favorites

    A quick bar will appear with the message telling you the count of duplicates bookmarks removed. Here, you can either click on the Confirm to delete the bookmarks or Undo to restore the bookmarks.

    FYI, the Edge browser count bookmark as duplicate entry only if the Page name and URL is similar to other entries available in a Favorites list. The same feature will not remove Favorites with the same URLs with different names.

    Check out this video for clear idea:

    Are you going to use Remove Duplicate Favorites feature in Microsoft Edge? We would like to hear your opinion in the comments.

    New features in Microsoft Edge v81

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