How to Show or Hide Collections Button in Toolbar of Microsoft Edge

Starting with Microsoft Edge v81, the company added a new feature called Collections. It let users organize the content they browse, including web page, texts, images, share or export the office and more. You can this blog post on how to create Collections in Microsoft Edge to know more.

With default settings, the Collection button appear on the toolbar, next to extension area. Some user who don’t want to take advantage of Collections feature might want to hide the Collection toolbar button. In case, you make out to this blog post, then chances are you’re one out of them for sure.

Show or Hide Collections Button in Microsoft Edge

Fortunately, there’s an option available in Edge settings using which you can show or hide Collections button in Edge browser with single click. Here’s how you can do that:

Method One

Right click on the Collections icon available on the toolbar and select Hide from Toolbar.

hide collections button from toolbar of edge browser

Method Two

Click on the Settings and more (…) icon and select Settings.

show collections button option in edge appearance settings

Next, you need to switch to Appearance tab on the left panel. Now on the right side, move the slider for “Show Collections button” to OFF position.

You’re done.

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