How to Find Internet Connection Speed using Chrome Browser

    The internet is full of services that let users check internet connection speed. What if you’re able to find internet connection speed right using Chrome? Yes, it possible! Learn how to do it.

    How to Check Internet connection speed using Chrome

    Starting with Chrome v65, the company introduced a NetworkInformation API in the browser on all platform — the API will display internet connection information when user run a quick command available in the developer tools.

    Check Internet Connection Speed using Chrome

    In this blog post, we will cover two ways to find internet connection speed which includes:

    1. Chrome Developer Tools
    2. Visiting Network Information API Sample on GitHub

    Let’s start with the first method:

    Chrome Developer Tool

    1. Open Developer Tool in the Chrome browser. For that, click on the Customize and Control icon (three dots) available on the upper right corner.

    2. From the menu, select More tools > Developer Tools. This will open the Developer window at the bottom of the screen.

    Alternatively, you can use CTRL + SHIFT + I keyboard combination or F12/Fn+F12 key on the keyboard.

    3. Under the Console tab, you need to navigator.connection and press enter to run the command.

    check internet connection speed using Chrome developer tool

    You will find all the network connection information in the same console window. You can check the following screenshot:

    This is what following value denotes in network connection information:

    • downlink – Exact download speed in Mbps
    • rrt – ping
    • effective type – internet connection speed based on download speed you gained.

    Visiting Network Information API Sample

    The Chromium developer also hosted a Network Information API Sample page on GitHub. Here on this page, you’ll get full details about your internet connection with Live Connection output.

    check internet connection speed using Network Information API Sample

    So this is how you can check internet connection speed without depending on third-party online tools.

    Alternatively, there are lots of handy web tools available on the internet to Test Internet Speed.

    One of the Chrome developer on Twitter shared this trick. Do you find this method to check internet connection speed handy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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