Fix – Sorry but your username or password is incorrect in Minecraft

    Some users reporting that whenever they trying to run Minecraft Java edition using Minecraft launcher they are unable to login because a dialog box say your details are incorrect.

    Fix - Sorry but your username or password is incorrect in Minecraft

    The full error message reads:

    Sorry, but your username or password is incorrect! Please try again. If you need help, try the ‘Forgot Password’ link.
    (InvalidCredentialsException: Invalid credentials. Invalid username or password.)

    According to them, the details they are entering are 100% correct and even they’re able to login to Minecraft online portal with same details.

    Fix – Sorry but your username or password is incorrect in Minecraft

    In case, you’re also seeing the same error when trying to access the game using Minecraft launcher, then here’s how you can fix it:

    Server issue

    It is possible that there’s nothing wrong with your credentials, but problem is with the company server. Sometimes company’s server that manage the game is under heavy load and unable to handle more gamers.

    In this situation, Minecraft launcher won’t let you login even when you type correct credentials.

    Use Email Instead of Username

    According to various reports, they managed to login just by entering the E-Mail address that is linked to the Minecraft account instead of the username.

    Uninstall and Reinstall Minecraft Launcher

    Sometimes it’s possible that Minecraft launcher files are corrupted or the game version is outdated. In this situation, the best solution is to uninstall the Minecraft launcher.

    For that, go to Settings > Apps > Apps & feature. Here on the right side look for Minecraft launcher and select it. Click Uninstall Twice to complete the removal.

    Uninstall Minecraft launcher from windows 10

    Next, head over to Minecraft website and get the Minecraft launcher.

    Run the Minecraft launcher and login using either Microsoft or Mojang details and let the launcher setup everything.

    During setup, if latest version of Minecraft is available, then launcher will also download-install it.

    Play minecraft from launcher

    At last, when you reach Minecraft launcher home screen, click Play button to start playing the game.

    Majority of users reported that they were managed to fix the issue just by following this workaround and we’re sure that your issue will resolved too.

    Minecraft account is hacked

    Minecraft is very popular games and due to this reason very popular among hackers too. According to various reports on Minecraft forums, if you’re unable to fix Minecraft login issue after following solutions discussed above, then it is possible that your account is hacked.

    In this situation head over to Minecraft support page to receive further assistance it.

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