Google Search gets ‘Hear this out loud’ feature in Chrome

    If you use Chrome browser and use Google Search to search your queries, then the company has added a new feature called “Hear this out loud”. It’s a great feature dedicated to users who have a habit of using text to speech tools in their routine.

    hear this out loud google search

    Hear this out loud‘ is a text-to-speech tool that reads the content of the featured snippet for you. Whenever you search for something using Google search, the Speaker icon with Hear this out loud appears next to the search box.

    Now, if you click on the same icon, it will start reading the content of the featured snippet.

    It’s actually a Chrome browser-specific feature so don’t expect that the same button will appear if you use Google search in other browsers like Microsoft Edge, Opera.

    Apart from that, if you have enabled Live caption feature in the Chrome browser, then the content of the feature snipped that this text to speech feature is reading also appears in the Live caption box that appears on the bottom of the screen.

    As of writing this blog post, we didn’t found any setting to turn off or on Hear this out loud button in Chrome. It seems like, the company is testing this feature as the button won’t appear all the time at least for me.

    So what are your thoughts about Hear this out loud feature? What are your thoughts about this? We would like to hear from you.

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