How to Disable Automatic Updates in CCleaner Free Version

    Starting with CCleaner Free version 5.74, the company introduced an Automatic Updates feature. As the name suggests, it will automatically download and install CCleaner latest version.

    Earlier users who were using CCleaner free version have to visit the website, and download and install the latest update manually. Automatic updates feature was already available in CCleaner Premium but with the latest update, it’s also available in the free version.

    Automatic Update is a great addition to CCleaner free version, but some users are not happy with this change and calling this suspicious. It’s because CCleaner64.exe is running all the time in the background check for updates twice daily or every time you launch the program and as a result, will slow down computers especially boot time on slow machines.

    Users on the same thread suggested that the process of CCleaner64.exe is to track user activities the ways Avast do. Different users have different reasons to call it suspicious.

    Disable Automatic Update in CCleaner Free Version

    Fortunately, there’s a option available in the CCleaner settings using which users can turn off Automatic updates. Here’s how you can do that:

    Make sure, you’re using CCleaner Free Version 5.74 or above.

    Next, switch to Options tab on the left and then switch to Updates tab.

    How to Disable Automatic Updates in CCleaner Free Version

    Here on this screen, uncheck the box for “Keep CCleaner updated automatically

    That’s it!

    What are your thoughts about Piriform adding Automatic Update feature in CCleaner free version? We would like to hear your opinion in the comments.

    You can check release announcement to know more what new and fixed in the latest version.

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