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Instagram is Testing Reels (TikTok Alternative) in Different Countries


Instagram is Testing TikTok alternative Reels in Different countries. After testing it in Brazil, it is now available in Germany and France.

Instagram Reels is create and share videos. It is a robust video editing feature and the purpose of including this feature into Instagram is take on TikTok.

Instagram is Testing TikTok Alternative Reels

Using this feature, users can record, edit, and share 15-seconds videos or reels with their followers in your feed or your follower can find your videos in the ‘Explore‘ section. There’s no limit to your creativity, whether with cool effects or audio tracks; you can give your own touch to multi-clip videos.

Create Reels in Instagram

Creating Reels in Instagram app is super easy. After you receive the update with having the feature. You will start seeing a new option called Reels in Camera options accompanied by Create, Live, and Story.

Here, are three ways you can create the Reels:

  • Record video one by one so that you can create a series of videos together.
  • You can record a complete video from start to end.
  • You can upload a video available in the phone gallery.

Once you have the video, use video editing tools to design them according to your taste. The Reels features offer you various tools which includes:

  • Audio – Whether it’s an original soundtrack or song from the Instagram music library you can even be used as a sound by any other user (if your profile is public).
  • AR Effect – You can use favorite effects that you already know from the stories, such as Glitter by Leoobalys or beautxfrecklz by Julia Beautx!
  • Ghost – It “conjure” individual clips perfectly together and thus ensures a seamless transition, e.g. during an outfit change!
  • Timer and Countdown – With these settings, you can record your reels even hands-free.
  • Pace – To go with the right flow, you can choose between five different speed levels.

Whether you have a Public or Private profile, your reels can be shared in your Stories, Close friends, and via Direct Messages.

If you have set your Instagram private, then your Reels will only appear on your feed, and users who follow you will able to check them. While, if your profile is public, then your Reels will appear in the Explore area where your Reels will be visible to the whole community.

If you see and share reels with specific songs, hashtags, or effects, your reels will also appear on the selected pages as soon as someone clicks on that song, hashtag, or effect. The mechanism will help in distributing proper traffic and pushed your videos

Once your reels are share ready, you can add texts, change the cover image, or tag your friends. If you shared your reels, the clip is stored under a separate Reels tab (next to Feed & Marks) in your profile. There, other users will find all your shared reels. You can also see “Like” and comments there and find out how many times a clip has been played.

Are you excited about Instagram Reels? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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