Microsoft Announces Pricing and Release Dates for Its Most Anticipated Product

    Right before the dawn of ninth-generation gaming, Microsoft is putting all its cards on the table, releasing Xbox versions that fit the profile and the pocket of every gamer. The tech giant’s first announcement informed gamers that a more affordable Xbox console will be available for purchase together with the powerful Xbox Series X. This console is the end result of project Lockheart and its name will be Xbox Series X. With its release, Microsoft is aiming to beat the competition, by releasing a 9th generation console for only 299 dollars. Just a little bit later, Microsoft also announced that Xbox Series X would hit the shelves at 499 dollars.

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    Microsoft’s “smaller” Xbox is a great choice for people who want to buy a new console and who can live without a disc drive and without a super-powered processor. Not having a disc drive is not the end of the world, as many people prefer purchasing digital copies of the games they want, but not having a very strong operational system might be deal-breaker for many players. For those who expect their ninth-generation console to have the power to run everything, there is always the choice of Xbox Series X. This “beast” of a console will cost 200 dollars more than its sibling, and it will outmatch it in almost every tech spec category. On the other hand, its high price might discourage those who do not normally spend such amounts for consoles or for other electronic devices.

    In terms of games, the Series versions of Xbox will come with several new games and thousands of Xbox classics. That which they will not have is games, but luckily, there are other places where people can enjoy casino games. Together with brand new titles like Halo Infinite, State of Decay 3, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, Xbox Series X and Series S will allow players to try backward-compatible games like Anthem, Titanfall, Gears and Forza, and dozens of other Xbox exclusives.

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    Release Dates and Pre-ordering

    The two new Xbox consoles will be released worldwide on the 10th of November, but it is uncertain if you will be able to buy one from your local dealer if you do not place an order for a console in advance. Retailers and online stores have started accepting pre-order requests to avoid last-minute panicking. Microsoft is advising those who are seriously considering purchasing an Xbox, to place their order early on. Bearing in mind that this period is a difficult one for distributors and store owners, it would make sense to reserve a console as early as possible.

    Check Your Game Library for Enhanced Games

    There will be but a few available ninth-generation games to play when the new consoles come out. This means that players will need to rely on their existing game libraries until the available title variety will be big enough to satisfy everyone. Luckily, the developers of many popular eighth generation games are already working on enhanced versions of their current game for players to play a remastered version on an Xbox Series X and Series S. The remastered versions of games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will be free of charge for those who have already bought a copy for Xbox One.  

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