Messenger (Beta) for Windows gets People online and Hardware Acceleration settings

    Facebook recently introduced Messenger (Beta) app v690.2.121.0 for Windows 10. In the latest version, the company introduced two new features i.e. Online People and Hardware Acceleration Settings.

    Online People

    Messenger contacts who are online when the app is open are now featured above the list of all chats. When you click on the contact, it will open the chat for that person. The list extends horizontally, navigation is allowed from the small arrows to the sides of the dedicated bar.

    facebook messenger app online feature

    The first icon on the list will be of Messenger Rooms.

    Hardware Acceleration

    There’s a new setting available in the Messenger app preferences using which users can easily enable or disable Hardware Acceleration. Here’s how you can do that:

    Click on the Profile picture icon available on the upper left corner and select Preferences.

    Hardware Acceleration Messenger app

    On the left side, switch to Appearance tab. Now on the right side, you will find new section which reads “Hardware Acceleration“. Under there, you will find option to Turn ON/OFF the setting.

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