Top 3 Ways to Lower Your Monthly Internet Bills

how to lower internet bills

Bills suck, and if there’s another monkey hanging on your back at the end of each month, it’s the internet bill. But what if we told you there are ways to reduce your overall payment? Yes, it’s doable, and if you’re up for it, we got some tips to help you save more. Also, click gets its own built-in Translator. Here’s how to use it

how to use inbuilt translator in

Outlook is one of the most popular services from Microsoft. The company continues to improve by introducing lots of useful features. Recently, the company introduced a desktop notification feature, the option using which you can enable and disable desktop notification right from the outlook settings. Now, the company rolled out another feature. This time,

Skype for Web lets you share screen. Here’s how to Try it

how to use skype for web share screen feature

If you’re a great fan of Skype screen sharing feature, then the good thing is that it is also available for Skype for the web. Microsoft introduced Skype’s screen sharing feature to it’s Skype for Web client. The information is shared by Karah (Microsoft Employee) on this thread of Microsoft Answer. According to her, now

How to Enable Desktop Notifications in

how to enable outlook desktop notifications continues to improve regularly. Recently, Microsoft has introduced support for desktop notifications in the main browsers for PCs and Windows 10 tablets. Desktop notifications allow you to stay up to date on emails and chats available in In case, you use this email program frequently and find this feature interesting, then it is a good idea to