How to Link Android Phone to Windows 10 using Your Phone app

    Want to link Android Phone to your Windows 10 PC? It is possible now. The blog has instructions on how to do that.

    Use Your Phone app to link Android and Windows 10 Device

    Your Phone app is nifty app developed by Microsoft using which users can link smartphone with Windows 10 PC and get access to content available on the phone right from the PC.

    Microsoft introduced Your Phone app during Build developer conference held in May 2018 and in latest versions of Windows 10 comes out of the box. With Your Phone app users can:

    • Make and Receive Calls
    • Get access to phone screen
    • Drag and Drop photos from Phone to PC (Vice-Versa)
    • Check and make replies to Text Messages
    • Control Music and Audio files

    To take advantage of all these features you need to link your phone with Windows 10 PC using Your Phone app. In upcoming lines, you will learn steps on how to do that, but first make sure to check following requirements

    • Your PC must be running Windows 10 May 2019 Update or above (Latest version is recommended)
    • Your Phone must be running Android 7.0 or above (Latest version is recommended)
    • Although, it’s not requirement, but for better user experience both your PC and Phone must be running on same Wireless Network.

    Let’s learn how to do that:

    Use Your Phone app to link Android Phone to Windows 10

    1. Download and Install Your Phone app from Microsoft Store and Phone Companion app from Google Play Store.

    Select Android device in Your Phone app

    2. Launch Your Phone app on Windows 10 PC and you will see following screen. Here, select Android and click on the Continue.

    3. In the Next screen, you will be asked to launch Phone Companion app on your Android phone and login using same Microsoft account using which you’re logged into Your Phone app in Windows 10.

    login to yo

    You can scan QR code available on the screen get link to download Phone Companion app, but we don’t need that because we have already downloaded the same app in first step.

    In case, you’re using latest Samsung Android phone, then Link to Window app come out of the box. You can turn it on from Quick setting menu.

    4. Launch Phone Companion app on your Android phone and login into the app using Microsoft account, the one you used to login in Your Phone app.

    setup phone companion app

    Tap on the Continue button. During the linking process, you will be asked to grant permissions for photos, media files, contact and other. Make sure to allow all of them

    android phone is linked

    5. Now head over to Your Phone app and you will get a notification all set and never miss an update. It will take few minutes to complete the process. Once done, you will see following screen:

    On the left pane, you will find tab for different feature which you can access:



    Under this, you will get all the notification that you receive on your Android phone



    Messages section offer an inbox where you will receive all the text messages which you receive on your phone. To send a message, click on Create message button and then type message and click Send.



    On the right panel of this section, you will see gallery having all the pictures available on your phone. You can make right click and save picture to your computer.

    You can also drag-drop pictures from Phone to PC or vice-versa.

    You might be interested in reading blog post on How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Windows 10 using Dell Mobile Connect app

    Phone Screen


    Here on the right side, click on the Display screen button. Wait for few seconds. Your Phone app will ask for displaying permission like show below:

    display screen permissions

    After doing this, you will see phone screen from where you can virtually access your phone. You can even use your phone right from there.


    For making calls, click on the Get started button You can receive and make calls from this section


    Apart from this, there’s a Setting gear icon available on the bottom left corner from where you can manage different settings related to Your Phone app. Check following screenshots:

    That’s all about Your Phone app. You can follow steps discussed in this blog ‘Your Phone app is not working in Windows 10‘ to fix issues related to the app.

    Your Phone is one of the best additions to Windows 10 from Microsoft. Why don’t you give a try to this app and let us know your opinion?

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