Microsoft Office (All-in-one) Android App is Available for Download

    Last Year, Microsoft announced a new Office app for Android as a preview. Now, the app has been released for everyone. Interested users can download it from Google Play Store.

    Microsoft Office (All-in-one) Android App is Available for Download

    Microsoft’s new office app combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps in one app. It is an All-In-One office suite app that makes it easier for the users to create, edit and save documents in various file formats.

    Office app has various useful features and one out of them is the ability to take a snap of a paper document, that will be recognized by the app and then automatically converted into Word or Excel file which you can edit later.

    Some of the key features of Microsoft Office app are as follow:

    • You can create, edit, and save your Office documents with others in real-time
    • To get started with your presentation resumes, and other documents, you can make use of Templates.
    • Easily store, access and search for files Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files stored on your device, personal cloud storage, and organization.
    • Turn your documents pictures into an editable Word and Excel file with a single press of a button.
    • If you have a picture containing a Spreadsheet? The Office app will recognize and automatically turn into an editable Excel spreadsheet.
    • Intelligent Office app will create a robust presentation just from the picture available on your phone
    • Office Lens feature in-app will make it easier for the users to automatically create better digital images of documents and whiteboards.
    • Instantly create PDFs from Excel, Word, and PowerPoint documents or from there pictures.
    • Easily transfer files between your PC and Phone or share them with mobile devices near you.
    • Sign PDF file using your fingers
    • Quickly write down notes and ideas with Sticky Notes.
    • Scan QR codes to launch links.

    You can check the official demonstration video to know more about Office app from Microsoft:

    As of writing the blog post, the Office Android app doesn’t look nice on tablets and its because the application user interface is not optimized for big screens. Microsoft is still working to improve UI issue with big screens.

    Unfortunately, the Office app from Microsoft is only available for Android and not available for the iOS platforms. It is expected that the company will release the New Office app for iOS devices soon. We will update, once it’s available.

    Interested users who want to try the New Office app for Android can download the app from Google Play Store using following link:

    Download Office app for Android

    What are your thoughts about the new Office app from Microsoft? Are you going to download it? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

    Via Android Police

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