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How to Get Access all Microsoft Insider Programs from a single page


Microsoft recently launched a new portal containing complete information and access to all the specific Insider Program currently available for users.

Over the last few years, Microsoft has improved its Insider sections of the various divisions which includes Insider Program for Skype, Office, Visual Studio, Xbox, Bing, Windows 10, and last to enter the family is Insider Program for upcoming Edge browser also known as Chromium Edge (Chromium based Edge browser).

How to Get Access all Microsoft Insider Programs from a single page

Recently, the company has launched a new portal from where users can get complete information and access to all the Insider Program available from a single place.

On the Microsoft Insider Program portal, you will find cards for different programs. Each card has a brief description of the program and a direct link to the specific page of each preview program, feedbacks, and tests.

You can get access to all in one Microsoft Insider Program portal using following the link below from any desktop or mobile.

Microsoft Insider Program Portal

Do you find a unified Insider portal useful? In which programs you are registered? If you want, let us know in the comments.


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