How to Screen Record Skype Videos Calls (Native Call Recorder)

    Looking for a way on how to record videos calls on Skype? Fortunately, Skype now has a native recording feature. It’s time to ditch the third-party Skype recorders.

    record skype video calls

    Skype is people’s choice when it comes to making videos calls, both professional and personal for around 15 years. It was acquired by the Microsoft some time ago. It has lots of useful features that help in making conversation easy.

    Call Recording feature was a most anticipated feature of Skype. Fortunately, the company has finally introduced it around 15 years after it was launched. The native call recording feature is implemented on various version of the Skype app and let user record both voice and video calls

    That means, there is no need to take help of the third party skype recorder to record calls.

    Skype’s Call Recording feature is cloud-based and let users access call recording across the devices including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and even the Linux.

    Some users might not find recording skype video calls feature handy as it’s against their privacy. For backing this thing, the company mentioned in the announcement post that, whenever you or your friend start call recording, everyone in the call will get the notification that your call is being recorded. Fair right?

    Call recording will merge everyone’s video accompanied by screen sharing happened throughout the call.

    Steps on Recording Skype Video Calls

    Note: Before start using the Skype Call recording feature, it is very important to find out if call recording is legal or illegal in your area. No doubt, the native feature will send a notification to all users in the call that your call is being recorded, but notification solely is not enough to make something legal.

    1. Launch Skype on your Windows 10 or Mac

    2. Choose the Contact to whom you want to call. You can record both Audio and Video calls. It is your wish what call time you want to record.

    3. When you’re on the call:

    On Desktop (Windows & Mac)

    Click on the + (Plus) icon available on the bottom right corner. This will open the quick menu; here you need to select ‘Start Recording‘ option.

    start recording 1

    On Mobile (Android and iOS)

    Tap on the + (Plus) icon available at Center bottom of the screen. Next, tap on the ‘Start recording‘ icon.

    start recording video calls on skype for android and ios

    4. Once you start recording, you will see the banner at the top with a message which reads “Avoid legal snags by telling people they’re being recorded.

    On Desktop (Windows & Mac)

    Avoid legal snags by telling people they're being recorded.

    On Mobile (Android & iOS)

    recording from phone 1

    While on the other side, all the people in the call will see a banner telling that you’re recording this call. Suppose I’m calling my friend and I have started recording the call, then they will see a message ‘Viney is recording.’ Check out the screenshot for a clear idea:

    On Desktop (Windows & Mac)

    user is recording call message skype

    For Mobile (Android and iOS)

    user is recording message on skype for android and ios

    Once you stop call recording, it will be finalized and then posted on your chat window. The call recording (whether it is video or call) will be available for 30 days.

    Everyone in the call during the time recording can save the recording somewhere safe or locally. You can also share the recording with anyone in your contact during the 30 days.

    Download Skype Recording

    To download and save Skype video calls to your computer. Here’s what you need to do:

    On Desktop (Windows & Mac)

    In the chat window, right click on the recording call and from the menu select:

    • Save to Download – If you want to directly download it to downloads folder on your computer
    • Save as – If you’re going to rename the file and save it somewhere else.
    How to save video calls on skype to your computer

    On your Android and iOS device, you need to long tap on the call recording, and select Save from the context menu.

    Save skype recording to android and iOS device

    Share or Forward Skype Recording

    On your Windows and Mac, chat window, right click on the recording call and from the menu select Foward.

    forward skype video recording to contact on desktop

    This will open the Foward dialog box showing you the list of friends. Here, type the message which you want to send with the message and click on the Send button next to the name of a friend.

    On your Android and iOS device, long tap on the recording and select Forward from the menu.

    Forward skype video recording to friend on phone

    In the next screen, choose the friend to whom you want to send the recording and tap on the Send button available on the upper right corner.

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    What are your thoughts about Skype Native Call Recorder feature? Find this blog post on how to record Skype video calls handy? Need further assistance, feel free to ask us in the comments.

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