How to Set Google as Default Search Engine in Microsoft Chromium Edge

    The stable version of Microsoft’s Edge Chromium browser is available on the internet, and anyone who wants to try it right now can download it.

    Set Google as Default Search in Microsoft Edge Chromium

    Like the Microsoft Edge browser, the new Chromium-based Edge browser also comes with Bing as a default search engine with default settings. The majority of the users prefer to use Google search as the default search engine in the browser.

    No doubt, the new Edge browser from Microsoft is based on Chromium, but like the Chrome browser, there’s no option available in the Settings to set Google as the default search engine. Here’s how you can do it

    Set Google as a default search engine in Chromium Edge

    1. Launch the Edge Chromium browser on your computer.

    2. Click on the “Settings and more” icon available on the upper right corner from the menu select Settings.

    Microsoft Edge Chromium Settings

    3. On the left pane, you need to switch to ‘Privacy and services.’ On the right pane, you need to scroll to the Address bar and click on it.

    Microsoft Edge privacy - address bar settings

    4. Next, click on the drop-down next to “Search engine used in the address bar” and select Google.

    MIcrosoft edge chromium  - Search engine used in the address bar

    At this point, you have set Google search as a default search engine in Edge Chromium.

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    Check out Youtube video for a clear idea:

    Congratulations, you have successfully changed the default search engine in Chromium Edge browser to Google search. From now onwards all the search results will be made by Google search.

    What are your thoughts about Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser? Find this blog post handy? We would love to hear from you.

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    1. I’ve done everything that I was supposed to do to change to google and it did not work. When I launch edge bing still comes up! I even shut down and restarted then I tried to change it to Duckduck whatever it is and it still did not change! Do you know why? I can’t stand bing
      Thank you kindly

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