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How to Start or Join Google Meet video meeting directly from Gmail


Gmail gets Google Meet integration it means users can now start and join video meeting right from the inbox. The integration will make getting connected to people even easier.

With Google Meet (Earlier known as Google Hangout), Google is doing its best to complete with Zoom and Teams. Recently, the company rolled an update that brings integration between Gmail and Meet, the video conferencing service from Google.

Gmail and Meet integration work on Gmail and G Suite users for desktop. The shortcut to start or join Meet calls are available on the left pane of Gmail. You can check following screenshot:

How to Start or Join Google Meet video meeting directly from Gmail

Click on the Start a meeting button available on the left pane and a new window will open up with a unique and secure URL like meet.google.com

start meet video call from gmail

If you click on the Join a meeting a ‘Got a meeting code’ pop-over will open asking you to enter the code provided by the organizer.

join google meet from gmail

Features which Google is planning to bring into Meet. The feature includes:

  • 16-member gallery view
  • Low light camera technology
  • Audio tool for canceling background noise in the call

If you’re done Meet in Gmail main menu, learn how to hide Google Meet from Gmail.

What are your thoughts about Meet integration in Gmail? Which Video Conferencing service you’re using right now? We would like to hear from you in the comments.

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