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Get Updates Coronavirus updates right from Windows 10 Search


Microsoft now added a new option using which users can get updates about Coronavirus right from the Search UI in Windows 10.

get latest update about coronavirus from windows 10 search

Microsoft rolled out new update via for Windows Search feature in Windows 10 version 1909 or above. With latest update, Windows Search User Interface has a new banner called “Get the latest Coronavirus updates” having a description which reads “Track outbreak on a map, plus local and global news from resources

Following the description there are two buttons “View interactive maps” and See Headlines. Clicking the:

Tip – You might be interested in reading how to Install View interactive maps page as app in Microsoft Edge

  • View interactive maps will take you Covid-19 tracker page on Bing.com show you information on the map.
  • See Headlines will take you to msn.com new page giving you latest information about the Coronavirus.

View interactive maps on Bing

Bing coronavirus View interactive maps

See Headlines on MSN

get latest headlines about coronavirus on msn

In case, you’re using some other sources to get Coronavirus updates like Coronavirus WHO Bot on WhatsApp or using Bing Coronavirus tracker app and would like to remove the banner from the Search UI, then click on the ‘X’ icon available on the upper right corner.

Thanks, HTnovo for the tip.

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