How Old is My Laptop/Computer (Find Age of My Computer)

    If one question ever strikes your mind, i.e., How old is my computer? The following post has all the possible ways on how to find that.

    How Old is My Computer (Find Age of My Computer)

    Sometimes condition comes when you want to know the age of your computer. There might be various reason why you want to know that. Windows operating system is one of the best operating system available in the market. It has all the possible tools and utilities which users require while working on a machine running it.

    Similarly, it also tracks the date which tells when the manufacturer installed the operating system on the machine for the first time. The same date is also the date when you have purchased the computer using which you can quickly calculate computer age. But it only shows you the correct date if you have not performed the fresh installation of the operating system.

    How Old Is My Computer?

    In case, you have installed Windows operating system there are possible ways on how to find the age approximate age of the computer.

    So, without further delay why don’t you start reading about them:

    1. Date of Windows OS Installation

    If you have installed Windows operating system only for once, then finding the installation date will tell you estimated computer age. To know

    1. Launch Command Prompt on your machine.

    2. In the window, you need to type following command and press enter.


    3. This will show you the list complete system information. You need to scroll down until you see the title which reads ‘Original Install Date.’

    WIndows 10 PC system info

    This date is also telling you an approximate date of when you have purchased the computer.

    Note: This method does not work in most of the cases. Even it fails to tell the age of my laptop in my case. So, try the alternate method.

    2. Check Using BIOS Information

    You can also calculate the computer age from the BIOS information. To know that, in the command prompt window again type systeminfo to get system information.

    Here this time you need to navigate to line named as ‘BIOS Version.’ On the right side, you will get information about the BIOS Version running on your system accompanied by the BIOS date.

    windows 10 system info bios

    In my case, the BIOS version date is 6/2/2011 which is very near to the date when I purchased my laptop. Using this method, you can also find the approximate age of the computer.

    3. Using Hardware Information

    Whenever you are buying computer or laptop, the manufacturer pastes the sticker somewhere on the laptop or the computer cabinet box.

    In case, there is no date available, then look for the serial number. Once you have it, just call the system manufacturer for further details. I’m sure they will definitely help you in finding the answer to the question, i.e., How old is my computer or age of the machine.

    4. Search Online Using Model Number

    You can also find the age of your computer or laptop by performing a quick search. But for that, you need to find out the model laptop of your computer or laptop. Using the same systeminfo workaround, you can also find the system manufacturer and system model. In my case, it is Dell Vostro 1540. Once you have the model number, visit the official website of the manufacturer to get more information about the computer age. You can also perform a quick Google search using the model number to get the release date of the machine.

    In most of the cases, the user purchases the latest models, so this also gives an idea about the age of computer or laptop.

    Do you manage to find out answer to the question, i.e., How old is my computer or How old is my laptop? If you need further assistance, then feel free ask us.

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    1. another way to find out, if you’ve never wiped your computer: look at your programs and find the earliest one. i went to windows programs and features: program uninstaller, and scrolled till i found the self-installed program with the earliest install date( it was winrar, if you were wondering). since i probably installed winrar day one, that was my answer.

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