Twitter is Working on Adding Settings for Automatic Tweets Translation

Twitter has a Tweet translation feature for its Android and iOS users for a long time. Users have to click on the Translate Tweet link to get translation in native languages.

Twitter is now working on adding an option called Automatic Translation, which when enabled will automatically translate your tweets in English on the Twitter app for android and iOS.

The Automatic translation setting will be disabled out of the box and users will be able to access it by taping on Profile picture > Settings and privacy > Content preferences > Languages > Translations.

translation settings in twitter

Here, you will find the new entry Automatic translation listed under the Translation section.

automatic translation settings in twitter

Apart from this, there’s another setting called “Languages to exclude” using which you will be able to select which languages you don’t want to be automatically translated

We have no further information about when the company is planning to roll out this feature. But, it is going to be a great addition to Twitter.

What are your thoughts about Twitter Automatic Translation settings? Do you want to have this feature? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

Thanks, alex193a for the tip

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