How to Activate and Use Firefox Picture in Picture Mode (PiP Mode)

If you’re wondering how to use Picture in Picture mode in Firefox? It’s super easy to use. In the blog post learn how to activate and start using it.

How to Use Firefox Picture in Picture Mode (PiP Mode)

Recently, Google introduced Chrome Picture in Picture mode and following the tradition Mozilla also bring PiP mode in Firefox. Although the feature is under development, interested users can try it right now in the latest Firefox Nightly version.

In the Mozilla bug post, the PiP feature is enabled in the latest Firefox Nightly build. And the information was first reported by Techdows.

Firefox Picture in Picture Mode

Those who don’t know, the PiP Mode let users watch the video in the floating video player outside of the browser while using other applications.

Activate Firefox PiP Mode

In case, you can’t wait to try Picture in Picture mode, then you can try it right now in the latest Firefox Nightly build. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Download and the Install latest version of Firefox Nightly.

2. In the Address bar, you need to type: “about:config

Here on this page, you need to click on the “I Accept the risk” button.

3. Next, in the search bar copy-paste: media.videocontrols.picture-in-picture.enabled.

activate firefox pip mode
This is how setting will look when you click the Toggle button

When the same result appear in the result, click on the Toggle button. This will activate Firefox Picture in Picture mode.

Use Firefox Picture in Picture

1. On the Firefox browser, visit and start playing the video.

2. In the Video player, you need to right-click two times. In the second context menu, you will see Picture in Picture option, click on it.

picture in picture mode in firefox

3. This will quickly open the same video in a small video player or you can say in Firefox PiP mode.

Picture in Picture mode firefox browser

That’s it!

Note: Firefox PiP mode is under development so don’t expect that it will work flawlessly. For more development information you can keep track of Mozilla bug post and this post.

Find Firefox Picture in Picture mode handy? Feel free to share your opnioin in the comments.

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