In Chrome & Edge v85 Dragging and Dropping files in the Content area will open in New Tab

For a long time, we all were dealing with the annoying behavior when dragging and dropping a file on the content area of the browser navigate to a local file and open that in the current tab, unless the page javascript is set to handle this.

In Chrome & Edge v85 Dragging and Dropping files in the Content area will open in New Tab

Some users find it useful; especially developers, as it helps them is loading HTML files from the local system. For some users like me, this behavior is highly risky and could be risky and lead you to data loss. A bug was filed against this behavior on Chromium a few years ago, but so far nothing has been done to fix this.

Update – 24/07/2020 – Starting with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (Version) 84 in stable channel, Microsoft fixes annoying drag-and-drop issue in Chrome and Edge

Recently, Google and Microsoft are working together to fix the issue. Eric Lawrence, Microsoft Edge developer added tiny changes to Chromium 85.0.4163.0 and shared details about the changes coming to Chrome and Edge that are going to solve the problem via tweet.

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Chrome Drag-Drop file will open in New Tab Page

Starting with Chrome v85.0.4165.0 and Edge 85.0.541.0 in the canary channel out of the box, whenever you drag-drop file in the content area of the browser, instead of opening it in the current tab, it will open in the new tab page. You can also open the file in the same tab by dropping the file on the tab area available at the top of the browser.

chrome edge dragging and dropping files
The illustration is from Chrome, but functionality is similar in Edge browser

Both companies are testing the feature in Chromium v85 and it is expected that feature will be rolled to stable build by the end of August.

What are your thoughts about this weird drag-drop behavior in Chrome and Edge browser? Are affected by this and looking at the above-discussed solution for a long time? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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