How to Close your Ebay Account – 2019 (Updated Steps)

    Looking for a way on how to close eBay account, It is super easy. The blog post has instructions on how to do that.

    how to close ebay account 2018

    Bored of using eBay? Or you’re burned by the company’s annoying security issues? Or you failed to win not even a single auction and due to this reason become frustrated that you want to delete eBay account.

    Whatever is the reason for closing your eBay account, the good thing is, that it is possible to close the account, but the company has cleverly hidden the same option to prevent users from ditching the site permanently.

    How to Close Ebay Account

    If you’re desperate to delete your eBay account, then in upcoming lines you will find exact steps on how to do that, but first

    Things to Keep in Mind before closing your eBay account

    • Your history and feedback will be lost.
    • Account balance should be zero, and all the must be paid.
    • There shouldn’t be any open bids out.
    • Your eBay’s account must meet the seller performance standards, otherwise, its impossible to close the account.

    Editors suggestion – If you’re deleting the account because you don’t want to sell on eBay, then it’s better to remove auto-payment method and keep using the account without paying anything.

    Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Launch your default web browser and visit this page, If required login.

    2. This will take you to ‘eBay’s Tell us why you’re leaving‘ the page. Here, you need to click on the dropdown and select the suitable category. The categories include:

    • Security concerns
    • Billing issue
    • Account issues
    • Frustration using the website
    • Personal reason
    • Business reason

    select a category - how to close ebay account

    Better go with Personal reason or Security concerns category if you want to close your eBay account anyhow and then click on the Continue button.

    3. Next, you will see more suggestion based on what category you have selected. Select the option that fits according to the situation and then click on the Continue button.

    tell us why you're leaving - how to close ebay account

    4. Here on this page, head over to ‘Did this solve your problem?‘ Click on the drop and select the option ‘No, please close my account‘ and again click on the Continue button.

    view possible solutions - how to close ebay account

    5. On the Confirm Closure page, you need to read all the information available on the page and then check the box for ‘I read and understand the above information.‘ and then click on Continue button.

    confirm closure - how to delete ebay account

    Note: In case, you have any doubt about deleting your eBay account, then this is your last chance, you can save your account by clicking Keep my account open.

    6. Next page, you will see the message which reads “Account will be closed” accompanied by additional information.

    account will be closed - how to close ebay account

    The message explains that we have started the process to close your eBay account. It will take 30 days to complete the process. You will get the notification about your eBay account deletion status via registered email id. You can check your email for more information.

    Note: In case, you have made any purchase or sale recently from eBay then they will keep your account active for 60days.

    In those 30 or 60 days if you regret deleting your eBay account, then you can contact eBay customer care to recover your account.

    Since you’re leaving eBay, you might want to try other sites like eBay. Following are the eBay alternatives worth trying:

    Find this blog post on how to close eBay account useful? If you need further assistance, let me know in the comment.

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