Microsoft Edge let you search the web from Vertical Tab Panel

If you have a habit of opening lots of tabs in Edge browser, then the Vertical tabs feature is worth trying. To make this feature more useful, the company has added support for two new features which include adjustable vertical tabs and drag-n-drop text to vertical tabs.

In our previous post, we have already covered how to adjust the width of vertical tabs and in this post, we will discuss how to take full advantage of drag-n-drop text to vertical tabs feature.

With the help of drag-n-drop text to vertical tabs, you can search the web right from the vertical tabs panel. Isn’t it cool? Remember, Sidebar search feature of Edge browser? Similarly, you can search terms right from the vertical tabs too.

Search the web from Vertical Tabs Panel in Microsoft Edge

Drag-n-drop text to vertical tabs feature is available in Microsoft Edge Canary v90.0.810.0. The feature is available out of the box and if you want to give it a try, there’s how you can do that:

Launch Microsoft Edge and make sure, Vertical Tabs panel is opened.

Now select the phrase or term you want to search and drag-n-drop it on the Vertical Tabs panel.

Search the web from Vertical Tab Panel in Microsoft Edge

Doing this will instantly open a new tab page with search results for term or phrase. The feature will use the default search engine of the Edge browser.

As simple as that!

Are you using Vertical Tabs feature in Edge browser? What is your take on Microsoft adding support for drag-n-drop text to Edge vertical tabs for searching? We would like to hear.

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