How to Use Vertical Tabs feature in Microsoft Edge

Earlier, Microsoft showcased the Vertical Tab feature accompanied by other features and give users a reason why they should switch to the Edge browser. At that time, most of the features discussed by Microsoft were upcoming feature lists.

Earlier, Microsoft was testing the Vertical Tabs feature of the Edge browser with limited users under controlled feature rollout. There was no flag or setting available in the browser to enable Vertical Tabs feature in Edge.

FYI Vertical Tab feature allows users to move tabs to a vertical list on the side to more easily scan, identify, switch between and manage tabs when there are many tabs open.

Use Vertical Tabs in Microsoft Edge

Update 05/03/2021 – Starting with Microsoft Edge v89.0.774.45, the company finally added the Vertical tabs” feature out of the box, which means you no longer have to take help of flags (edge://flags/#edge-vertical-tabs) to enable it

Here’s how you can use Vertical Tabs feature:

Launch Microsoft Edge and you will see the Vertical Tabs icon available on the upper right corner edge tab strip.

How to Enable and Use Vertical Tab feature in Microsoft Edge

Clicking the icon will turn on Vertical tab and you will start seeing all the active tabs in on the left pane. From the tab, you can:

  • See titles and access controls like mute and close,
  • Reorder your tabs
  • Drag and drop to rearrange tabs
  • Collapse the pane if you want to focus on a particular page

You can check vertical tab feature in action:

microsoft edge vertical tabs feature in action

The purpose of adding the Vertical tabs feature in Microsoft Edge is to offer users a more streamlined navigation experience.

Out of the box Vertical Tabs collapse when you remove cursor from the panel. In case, you want the panel to appear all the time, then you can Pin it to the left side of the screen. For that,

Hover cursor over the Vertical tabs panel to expand it, and then click on the Pin icon available on the upper right corner.

pin vertical tabs in microsoft edge

Doing this will Pin the vertical time it will appear all the time.

Some users might not find the Vertical tabs feature useful and would like to hide it. Don’t worry, there’s is an option to hide Vertical tabs button in Edge.

Apart from this Microsoft is already working on improving Vertical Tabs and in upcoming updates, you will find more feature that includes:

Why don’t you check, if you’re lucky enough to get the Vertical Tabs feature in Microsoft Edge? If Yes, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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