VPN’s are great choice for unblocking streaming services, Encrypting incoming and outgoing traffic and adding another layer of security to your computer running windows 10.

For those who don’t know, Virtual private network or VPN is a private network that encrypts the incoming and outgoing data from your network. In simple words, a VPN masks your IP address for better privacy and anonymity on the internet.

There is a variety of the reason why someone should use VPN on their computer, some of the popular reasons are as follow:

  • Unblock streaming services blocked by your ISP ( Internet Service Provider )
  • Used to hide your IP address for better privacy and anonymity
  • Offer end-to-end encryption for safe banking experience and online transactions.

Best VPN for Windows 10 PC

Fortunately, there are lots of VPNs available on the internet since there are huge number of VPN services available in the market, choosing the right one would be hard.

To help you out we decided to create a list of the best VPN for Windows 10 PC, here’s the first ones in the list.

1. Surfshark

With Surfshark, you get a very lean and easy to use VPN for less than any other VPN on the market. It’s exceedingly fast, it unlocks Netflix, and it comes with a host of unique features that you simply do not get with any other VPN.

It offer various features which includes 15 Netflix libraries & more, Whitelister, CleanWeb, Strict no log policy, top notch data encryption, and Kill Switch

Surfshark works great on most devices, but it’s an excellent choice for smartphones and mobile devices- since it’s so slim. It follows one subscription unlimited devices plan.

For just $1.77 a month, the payments are like a light breeze through your bank account.

2. Nord VPN

nord vpn for windows 10

Nord VPN has 5000 servers in 159 countries for a blazing fast browsing experience. It also has P2P servers for sharing large files over the internet.

It offers KillSwitch for uninterrupted VPN experience, CyberSec for blocking ads, Malware, and a strict No-Logs Policy.

The pricing of Nord VPN starts from $3.49/month for a 2-year plan, $6.99/month for a 1-year plan, and $11.95/month for the 1-month plan. One account can be used on 7 devices simultaneously.

They offer 24/7 support by live chat, Email assistance, and ticket system.

3. Express VPN

exporess vpn for windows 10

Express VPN is another great VPN service that has more than 3000 servers in 160 different locations across the globe. It offers AES-256 Bit Encryption, network Killswitch, no logs policy and unlimited bandwidth.

Express VPN pricing starts from $8.32/month for a 1-year plan, $9.99/month for 6 months plan, and $12.95/month for the 1-month plan. One account can be used on 5 devices simultaneously.

Express VPN offers great support via live chat, Email and ticket support.

4. IPvanish

IPvanish is a great choice for beginners and intermediate users. It offers a user-friendly interface that can be used by anyone easily.

IPvanish has 1400+ servers in 75+ locations and offers unlimited bandwidth on all plans.

It provides no-logs policy and 256-bit AES encryption for encrypting traffic. A single account of IPvanish can be used on 10 devices simultaneously.

The pricing starts from $6.49/month on a 1-year plan, $8.99/month on 3 months plan, and $10/month on a 1-month plan. IPvanish offers 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans.

5. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is like an underdog VPN service which is not so popular, still provides amazingly great value.

It has 3000+ servers across 48 countries for great browsing and streaming experience. PIA supports torrent downloading, Adblocker, AES 256 bit encryption, Multiple VPN protocols, etc. One account of PIA can be used on 10 devices simultaneously.

The pricing starts from $2.90/month for 12 months plan, $4.60/month for 6 months plan, and $9.80/month for the 1-month plan.

6. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a great VPN service for windows 10 individual users because of its pricing.

TunnelBear provides VPN services from 23+ countries for seamless connectivity across the globe. Unlike other providers in this list provide a free account for trail usage which supports 500MB bandwidth.

All accounts provide unlimited bandwidth, strict No-Logs policy, Killswitch for IP, and DNS leak protection. Tunnel Bear has a good support team for answering our queries through the ticket system

The pricing of TunnelBear starts from $3.33/month for individual accounts and $5.75/month for business accounts.

7. Cyberghost

With 6500+ servers over 90+ countries, Cyberghost is not at all a small VPN service provider. They provide blazing fast VPN services for its users.

Cyberghost provides Peer-to-peer support for torrenting and large file sharing over internet, Killswitch for DNS leak protection, IP leak protection and 256 BIT AES encryption.

They provide 3 plans for the customers. They charge $2.75/month for 3 years plan, $5.99/month for a 1-year plan, and $12.99/month for a 1-month plan.

One account can be used on 7 devices simultaneously. They offer good support 24/7 via live chat and Email system.

8. Hotspot shield

Hotspot shield is one of the most used VPN for android mobiles. These days they expanded their services for providing VPN service for windows 10 operating systems as well as Mac, Ios, Linux, etc.

Hotspot Shield has 3200+ servers in 80+ countries. They offer militarily grade encryption, Malware protection, free password manager, and spam protection. 

They offer a free account that has a limit of 500MB Bandwidth per day. Their premium plan costs $7.99/month that allows access to all advanced features. Hotspot shield offers 24/7 support by live chat, email and ticket system

9. VyperVPN

VyperVPN is a good VPN service for windows 10 as well as smartphones. It has 700+ VPN servers across the globe. They have 2,00,000 IP addresses for providing privacy on the internet.

VyperVPN has everything which you need a prefect VPN. It offers a strict No-Logs policy and Killswitch for IP and DNS leak. The features like Chameleon (bypassing restrictive networks ), VyperDNS (DNS protection), and VyperCloud make it unique from others.

The pricing starts from $2.50/month for 2 year plan, $3.75/month for 1 year plan and $12.95/month for 1 month plan. One account can be used on 5 devices simultaneously.

10. Goose VPN

Goose VPN is easy to use and inexpensive. It’s compatible with almost all technology platforms and the Goose team offers good customer service. New users get Netflix USA with their purchase, and every package plan comes with free service for the first month.

Goose is user-friendly enough to be a good choice for anyone who has never used a VPN before. It’s simple and cheap- giving you a chance to see why VPNs are worth it.

Goose VPN price ranges begin at just $12.99 per month, but you can grab a killer deal of $4.99/$2.99 per month if you purchase for a one/two year.

All of these VPNs for Windows 10 are great and offer easy to use UI which can be used by non-techy people.

Let us know which VPN you find useful? Are you currently using any of loved the most or currently using?

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