Someone has submitted a Chromium browser (Store Ports Build) to Microsoft Store

    Update – 07/08/2020Microsoft has removed Chromium browser from Microsoft Store

    Chromium is an open-source browser project and popular browser like Chrome, Edge, Opera, Vivaldi and other are based on same source dode.

    Someone has submitted a Chromium browser to Microsoft Store. The shocking thing about the Chromium browser is that it violates the Microsoft Store policies still it has passed the certification.

    chromium browser port

    According to information on the Chromium Store download page, it is uploaded by Store ports. The description reads:

    Chromium is a popular open-source web browser program.

    Store Ports version, based off Chromium 78.0.3903.0

    Re-packaged original Chromium 78.0.3903.0 into MSIX package, making available in the Store.

    Works with Windows 10 in S-Mode

    After downloading the Chromium from the Microsoft Store, when we launched it shows a message i.e. Google API keys are missing. Some functionality of Chromium will be disabled accompanied by Learn more link.

    When we checked the About Chromium section here (chrome://settings/help), its running Version 78.0.3903.0 (Developer Build) (64-bit). It looks similar to the Chrome browser has all the features that the current version of the Chrome browser has.

    We don’t know for how much time it will be available on the Microsoft store, as it violates the Microsoft Store policies. In case, you want to try Chromium ported version, then you can download it from the link shared below:

    Chromium Browser from Microsoft Store (Port Version)

    Are you going to try Chromium browser ported version? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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