Download the New Windows 10 4K Themes from Microsoft Store

Microsoft recently added a few 4K themes for Windows 10 which users can download from Microsoft Store. The theme available for Windows 10 devices is dedicated to nature, tradition, modernity, and landscape.

Each theme contains a set of colorful 4K images and is compatible with all the devices running Windows 10 desktop and tablet devices. As of writing this blog post, the Microsoft Store has five 4K themes for Windows 10 which are as follow:

  1. Light Trails (10 images)
  2. River Deltas (10 images)
  3. Panoramic Train Views (10 images)
  4. Fabrics of India (18 images)
  5. Mountain Light Premium (18 images)
  6. National Geographic Hummingbirds (12 images)
  7. Colors of Holi Premium
  8. National Geographic Underwater
  9. Fractal Art Premium

Light Trails

The set of 10 high-quality 4K images featuring a night scene.

light trails - windows 10 4k theme

River Deltas

The set of 10 high-quality images featuring abstract shapes and colors.

river deltas - windows 10 4k theme

Panoramic Train View

The set of 10 high-quality images featuring sweeping views from train windows.

panaromic train view - windows 10 4k theme

Fabrics of India

The set of 18 high-quality images featuring rich textures and intricate embroidery of vibrant textiles.

fabrics of india - windows 10 4k theme

Mountain Light PREMIUM

The set of 18 high-quality images featuring splendid panoramas with majestic valances from all across the world.

mountain light premium - windows 10 4k theme

National Geographic Hummingbirds

The set of 12 high-quality images featuring a wide range of the smallest bird.

 National Geographic Hummingbirds

Colors of Holi

The set of high-quality 4K shots, various close-ups with very vivid colors.

colors of holi

National Geographic Underwater

The set of 12 high-quality images featuring corals, reefs, and Sealife photographed by National Geographic Photographers.

national geographic underwater

Fractal Art PREMIUM

The set of 12 high-quality images featuring Algorithms art is kaleidoscopic.

Once you download and install the 4K theme in Windows 10 after acquiring the license. Here’s how you can enable the theme:

Launch Settings > Personalization > Themes and click on the theme which you want to set.

You can also change the background image display by going to Settings > Personalization > Background.

To apply the best color matching background image, you can go to Settings > Personalization > Color. Here enable the option which reads “Automatically pick and accent color from my background.”

What are your thoughts about the new Windows 10 4K Theme collection? Did you like it? We would like to hear from you in the comments.

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