Fix – Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Administrator Mode Detected – Explained (It is a Security Feature)

    If you ever wonder why you’re seeing Administrator Mode Detected in Microsoft Chromium Edge? In this blog post, learn everything you need to know about it.

    Fix - Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Administrator Mode Detected

    Some users are reporting that whenever they launch Edge Chromium as an administrator or launch a link from software, which is initiated in administrative mode, a quick dialog box opens up in the upper right corner of the browser, telling users that you’re in the administrator mode.

    The full warning message which reads:

    Administrator Mode Detected

    Close Microsoft Edge and relaunch in non-administrator mode for best performance.”

    Whoever is seeing this message calls it annoying and thinks that it is an issue as Chromium Edge browser is under development, but the truth is that it is a security feature in the browser. Eric Lawrence confirmed the information on Twitter.

    Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Administrator Mode Detected – Explained

    Administrator Mode Detected is a security feature, and the warning suggests users to close the browser and run it without admin rights. It is because running the browser with administrator privileges can cause the browser to behave abnormally under various situations, and it highly risky. It’s because whenever you run any program or software that opens up from the Edge Chromium will take over its security level.

    For example, if you launch Edge Chromium with admin rights and launch it from the browser, then that particular program or process will also run with administrator rights.

    It is highly risky if you download and install a program that contains malicious code or malware. This will not only force the browser to behave abnormally but also gain full access to the browser accompanied by Windows.

    Fix – Microsoft Chromium Edge Administrator Mode Detected

    Microsoft Edge team has already fixed the issue. Still, if you’re seeing the same message then you can employ following workarounds to get rid of the message:

    • Set UAC level to “Notify me when apps try to make changes to my computer.”
    • Create a standard account on Windows and run the browser.

    Disable Microsoft Edge’s Administrator Mode Detected Message

    Some users requested the Edge team to provide an option to disable the Administrator Mode Detected totally. The added a new feature using which users can fix the issue. In case, you’re still seeing the message, then here’s what you need to do:

    1. Visit following flag address in the Edge Chromium: edge://flags/#edge-de-elevate-on-launch

    2. Using drop-down change the setting for the “De-elevate browser on launch” flag from Default to Enabled.

    3. Click on the Restart button to apply the changes.

    Microsoft Edge enable"De-elevate browser on launch flag

    If the Chromium Edge browser is launched in Administrator mode without user consent, then due to the setting we applied above, the browser will be relaunched automatically as a user who is logged-in currently.

    It means, from now onwards you no longer see a message “Administrator Mode Detected” in the Edge browser.

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      • I get the same issue as Fred Bisard. Closing and reopening doesn’t resolve the issue. I have noted however that on my work laptop, where I am not a local admin, I do not have this issue so maybe this will always happen if you are a local administrator?

    1. I am an admin on my PC notebook and I receive the same warning message on opening Edge (Chromium) Dev regardless of if I run it from the desktop icon.

    2. As I am the admin of the computer Edge is running on, and I really do not want to hamstring my system by pushing my settings down.
      I always get this message. I just close it, and don’t use Edge to download anything.

    3. It is not only “A Security Feature” but also just a bug 🙂 I am not running the Edge with administrator rights (as user, yes – I have them) but always I get this annoying message.

    4. It’s annoying alright, and it’s another oversight by Microsoft to not be able to turn it on and off to avoid a scenario which would place the user at risk – by default…. If I click on a link and open it in admin mode, I just copy the url,, close the browser, paste in the URL, and go. Which is a lot of extra clicks for no apparently worthwhile reason.

    5. In my case it was UAC. I was running UAC disabled. When I bumped it up one notch to “Notify me only when apps try to make change to my computer” then Edge Chromium no longer displayed Administrator Mode Detected.

    6. The article is updated with an official fix, Thanks ????
      This the reply you are giving Dont post this kind of false fake posting to get advertisement mony.

    7. As of version
      You can no longer change this as this flag does not exist
      I have done numerous searches / scrolls through the list.

      • For those with little or no geek in them, the so-called “fix” remains a mystery and the message still pops up.

        If we disable the message, but Edge is still in admin mode, all of the warning given still apply.
        I someone could very simply (plain English) give a list of how to get edge out of admin mode, it would be very much appreciated,
        Step 1.
        Step 2……..

        • Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Didn’t the flag method discussed in the post worked for you?
          Head over to the following flag address and change the settings from Default to Enable.

          Relaunch, it should work.

    8. In my case not only do I see the message (I *have* to use an admin account for reasons), the browser doesn’t display any page at all.

      It displays “This page is having a problem” instantly on any webpage and even the Edge Settings page. It doesn’t even load the Feedback function. Just “This page is having a problem”.

      It would be good to know what’s going to be the policy on this matter for the final release, so that I can start considering moving over to Chrome altogether if this keeps being a royal PITA.

    9. This needs to be fixed. I cannot turn off the message. With UAC turned on, I get no warning when starting Edge and nothing seems to be making it start in Administrator mode.

    10. Not good enough – Crank up the ACL?

      I’m an administrator and need it to work.

      I’ve only just started looking at Edge again, and this will force me to stay away


      Hey, guys,
      I found the source of the problem,
      you probably searched through the settings and without knowing it, edge to activate the function without your consent.
      You probably go to:
      Settings –> Import browser data –> but you click cancel –> but edge skip cancel without notice .
      why am I sure it’s from Edge?
      because my shortcut icons of Internet explorer have changed to icons of Edge.
      but I couldn’t find a way back.

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