A Quick Preview of Messenger Video App for Windows 10

Facebook is working on a new app called Messenger Video, a new video chat app. In this post, check out a quick preview.

Facebook Messenger video app for windows 10

Messenger Video is the app created by Facebook for Windows 10 PCs and tablets that allows you to get a completely new video-chat experience.

Messenger Video App for Windows 10

Whether you want to do a group video chat or one on one private conversation, the Messenger Video app has been created to give you the flexibility you need. Keep streaming and multitasking during a video chat or easily switch to a fully immersive full screen conversation.

In the following screenshots, you can check. Messenger Video app for Windows 10 supports Picture-in-Picture mode and allows you to make video calls with multiple people simultaneously.

Messenger Video app is published by Facebook on the Microsoft Store but not all users can download it or they see the message:

Content not available – This app is not yet available in your region

As of writing this blog post, it’s unclear why Facebook would like to launch the Messenger video app when the Messenger app for Windows 10 is already available.

What do you think of the Messenger Video app? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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