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Rumor: Is Microsoft Edge Chromium is the official name for New Edge Browser?


Microsoft is working on the Chromium-based Edge browser. The insider preview builds for new Edge browser is also available for download for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and MacOS.

You can head over to Microsoft Edge Insider page to download the Insider build for your platform. On the download page of the Edge browser, you will get complete information about the browser, but missing is the name of the browser.

Although Microsoft has released the insider builds for the Chromium-based Edge browser, there is no official given to the browser so far. The browser has different names so far like New Edge Browser, Edge Chromium based, Modern Edge browser, and more.

Tero Alhonen, one of the leakster on Twitter pointed out in his tweet that

“Pretty sure this is the first time I see the new Edge referred as Microsoft Edge Chromium on Microsoft official docs.”

Rumor: Is Microsoft Edge Chromium is the official name for New Edge Browser?

On a support page of Microsoft Azure, the company mentioned their upcoming browser “Microsoft Edge Chromium” for the first time since the first preview build. Maybe the company mentioned the browser with this name to differentiate between the two browsers i.e. classic Microsoft Edge and Chromium based Edge browser.

But it is also possible that the company has selected this name, i.e., Microsoft Edge Chromium for their upcoming browser.

You can visit azure.microsoft.com and head over to Frequently Asked Questions section available at the bottom of the page.

What do you think? Is company going to name it Microsoft Edge Chromium or keep using the browser with the same name, i.e., Microsoft Edge browser replace the Classic Edge browser with Chromium-based Edge browser?

You can check out all the blog post which we have covered on Edge Preview build on this section of our blog.

SourceTero Alhonen Via – Deskmodder.de

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