Mute Tab option in Chrome 74 or above is missing. Here’s how to use it

    Starting with Chrome 74 or above, the company replaced the Mute Tabs option with Mute Sites. It means, the current version of the Chrome browser only lets you mute sites instead of muting individual tabs.

    mute tabs in chrome

    Some time ago, it was possible to mute individual tabs in chrome browser by enabling chrome://flags/#sound-content-setting, it is also unavailable.

    In case, you’re not happy with this change from Chrome browser, then fret not. Fortunately, it is possible to Mute Tabs using Tab Muter.

    Tab Muter is a chrome extension that brings back the functionality to mute individual tabs in the Chrome browser.

    Mute Tabs in Chrome browser

    1. Download and install the Tab Muter extension using this link.

    2. Once you have installed the same extension, it icon will start appearing in the Chrome extension area (upper right corner)

    3. To mute a particular chrome tab, you need to make a click on the Tab Muter icon and when you make another click, it will unmute the tab.

    mute individual chrome tab using tab muter
    As simple as that

    To check, if the extension is working fine or not. We tested it on YouTube, and it works like a charm. We used the extension to mute one tab running YouTube video, while audio playback on the other was working fine and not affected by the extension action.

    Tab Muter functionality is not limited to YouTube it works fine for other websites as well.

    Ofcourse, there are other similar extension available on the Chrome web store, but we choose this because it bring the similar mute tab experience which was available in the previous version of Chrome browser.

    What are your thoughts about Tab Muter? Find it handy? We would like to hear from you in the comments.

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