Microsoft Edge Chromium Settings now have the option to switch theme. Learn how to Change it

Microsoft added a new option in the Edge Chromium setting that let users switch between dark and light theme no matter what theme Windows 10 operating system is using.

how to change theme in microsoft chromium edge

At the moment, the Chromium Edge respect Windows 10 color mode scheme, that means if Windows 10 color mode is set to Dark, the browser automatically set dark theme. But now you no longer have to use theme synchronized with the Windows 10 OS.

Starting with Edge Canary build, the company has added a separate option in the Chromium Edge browser setting using which you can directly switch between dark and light theme regardless of that of the Windows 10 Operating system.

Change Theme in Microsoft Chromium Edge

In case, you can’t wait to try out this new settings in Chromium Edge, then here’s what you need to do:

Click on the Settings and more icon (…) available on the upper right corner and from the menu select Settings > Appearance. On the right side, using the Theme drop-down select the theme (dark or light) of your choice.

chromium edge theme settings

In case, you want to go with system settings (Windows 10 Color mode), then you can select System, which is set with default settings.

Find this theme option handy? What are your thoughts about this new option in the Edge settings? We would like to hear from you.


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