How To Open Microsoft Edge Full Screen Mode In Windows 10

Want to enjoy distraction-free web browsing experience on Edge browser? The best solution is to open Microsoft Edge full screen mode. The blog post will guide you all the possible ways.

How To Open Microsoft Edge Full Screen Mode In Windows 10

One can easily open full screen mode in the modern browser for Windows 10 like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other just by pressing an F11 key on the keyboard, but the same key fails to open the full screen mode for users who have opted to set Edge as default web browser in Windows 10.

Lots of users reporting on the internet that F11 key is not enabling the Edge full screen mode. Due to this reason, the people think that Microsoft has not added full screen functionality to the Edge browser. But this is entirely wrong. Of course, you can open full screen mode in Edge browser.

Enable Microsoft Edge Full Screen Mode in Windows 10

In upcoming lines, you’re going to read about all the possible ways to open Microsoft Edge browser full screen mode

1. Pressing F11 Key

One can open full screen mode in Edge browser by pressing the F11 key and press the same key again to exit.

Mostly, the F11 key is not working on the laptop in which you have to use Fn key accompanied by the particular key for the function.

If there is an Fn key available at the bottom left side of the keyboard, then you need to use Fn + F11 key combination to enable the full screen mode.

2. Windows logo + Shift + Enter

If F11 and Fn + F11 key combination are not working then no problem, there’s a secret keyboard combination which you can also use to open Microsoft Edge browser full screen mode. The Reddit user (Phantasm1337) first reported the information.

Just use the keyboard combination Windows logo + Shift  + Enter. Once you have enjoyed the distraction-free web browsing,  use the same keyboard shortcut to exit the full screen mode.

3. Using Edge browser Settings

Microsoft has introduced icon named as a Full screen icon in the Edge browser settings. Here is how you can reach those settings:

1. Launch Microsoft Edge browser.

2. Click on (…) More action icon.

3. Next, click on the Full-screen (F11) icon. This will instantly open the full screen in edge browser.

f11 icon in edge settings

To exit full-screen mode move the cursor to the top, this will bring the Edge browser menu bar. Here click on the Restore icon available in the top-right corner of the web page.

restore full screen mode in edge browser

Bonus: Did I forget to tell you that, all the Windows 10 modern apps like Mail, Store, Photos app and other also supports full-screen mode, you can use the same key combo to open these apps in full-screen mode.

These are three different ways on how to open Microsoft Edge full screen mode in Windows 10. Which method do you find useful? Also, if there is another secret key combination, please let me know in the comment.

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