Microsoft Edge let you Import Passwords from CSV file

Microsoft Edge Canary build 90.0.817.0, it is now possible for the users to import passwords from CSV file to Edge browser. Let’s learn more about it.

As of now, it was possible for the users to import all data including passwords to Edge Chromium from Edge Legacy, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. What that means is that there’s no option just to import passwords to Edge browser, let’s say from the .csv file.

After getting feedback from lots of users, Edge developers has finally added the option to Import passwords in Password Manager settings page.

Enable Import Password option in Microsoft Edge

With default settings, Import option is hidden and users have to activate the option using feature flag. Here’s how you can do that:

Launch Microsoft Edge Canary.

Next, you need to visit this flag address: edge://flags/#PasswordImport, and using Password import drop-down change the settings from Default to Enabled.

enable import password option in microsoft edge

Click on Restart button to apply the changes.

How to Import Passwords from CSV file to Microsoft Edge

As of now, you have successfully activated Import button in password settings. Let’s learn how to import password from .CSV file to Edge

Launch Microsoft Edge and then click on the Ellipse (…) icon and select Settings.

On the left side switch to Profile, and then on the right side, click the Passwords option listed under Your profile section.

Next, you need to head over the Saved password section, next to it you will find the ellipse icon, click on it.

Import password option in edge

From the menu, select Import passwords option. Doing this will bring Import browser data dialog with Import from settings to set as Passwords CSV files.

Import passwords to edge browser

Here, you need to click on Choose file button, select .csv that you have already saved as backup.

importing password from csv to edge done

Doing this will instantly import passwords and you will get a confirmation message that reads “All done, we’ve brought your data over”. You can click on the Done button to close it.

If you’re using Chrome or Firefox as the default web browser, then the good thing is that both browsers already offers the option to import passwords from CSV. Check out:

Are you excited to Edge browser finally get support for importing passwords from CSV file. Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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