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How to Enable or Disable Reload in Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge


Microsoft has integrated a special Internet Explorer mode into the new Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser.

It sounds strange, but you can launch Internet Explorer inside of the new Microsoft Edge browser. The purpose of integrating Internet Explorer in the browser is to deal with site compatibility and other software issues.

Earlier, the feature wasn’t enabled by default and users have to enable it manually using flags or properties hack. Unfortunately, Microsoft mysteriously removed the feature from the IE Mode from the Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge is taking a step forward to give users the Internet Explorer Mode that makes their browsing convenient. Starting with Microsoft Edge Canary v 86.0.622.38, the company introduced two new options to manage the IE Mode functionality

Let Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge

When browsing in Internet Explorer you can choose to automatically open sites in Microsoft Edge. The feature is useful when IE tries to render a few websites but fails.

Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode

When browsing in Edge, if a site requires Internet Explorer for compatibility, you can choose to reload it in Internet Explorer mode. The same option when enabled adds a new entry called Explorer mode under More tools in Edge main menu.

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Enable and Use Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge (IE Mode)

Open Microsoft Edge browser and then click () icon available on the top right and select ‘Settings‘.

On the left menu, you switch to the ‘Default browser‘. Click on it. You can directly visit edge://settings/defaultBrowser.

Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode in edge browser

Now toggle the option that is beside ‘Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode‘. (if it turns blue, its ON)

At this point, you have successfully enabled the Internet Explorer Mode in Edge

Now, navigate to a website that requires Internet Explorer for compatibility and then open Edge main menu by pressing ALT+F, and then select More tools > Reload in Internet Explorer Mode.

reload in internet explorer mode in edge browser.

The page will refresh and load the same page in IE Mode to provide Internet Explorer compatibility. Check the following screenshot for an idea:

ie mode in edge

Once page reloads in an Internet Explorer mode, you will see a bar with a message which reads “You’ve entered Internet Explorer mode. Most Page works better with Edge“. You will also find the IE icon in the information box on the left side of the address bar.

To leave the IE Mode in Edge, click on the Leave button and it will again load the page in Edge browser.

What are your thoughts about Microsoft adding these two options to improve Internet Explorer compatibility in the Edge browser?

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  1. when I click on ‘default browser’, all I get is a message that says: “Microsoft Edge is already your default browser”

    There are no other options, as the above screen print show.

    • @Danial, I just folled yo uhere from the ghacks website.
      Yeah, I dunno which registry key fixes it, but appears to be blocked by default for managed(by your organization) browsers.

  2. With “Let Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge”, how does it detect whether it’s failed or not to open in MS Edge? What is considered a fail?

    I’m trying to deprecate support of IE11 on a website, knowing what is considered a fail would be super helpful.



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