DearMob iPhone Manager – Best Alternative to iTunes

    Been using an iPhone makes you realize the importance of media. Taking care of your data, and storage limit is another big concern that we all face. Recently, I purchased a new iPhone. It took me almost 4 days to just get the backup from the old one. After trying multiple software to handle my contacts, media, messages, applications, and other things, it was a heck of a work. 

    DearMob iPhone Manager - Best Alternative to iTunes

    Managing iPhone media, and other important files require multiple software. What if I say, it is possible to handle all iPhone related management through one application? Yes, it is possible. After a prolonging search, I came across ‘DearMob iPhone Manager‘. I took another backup and restored all my files into my new phone with a mere few clicks.

    DearMob iPhone Manager

    Very frequently, iPhone users transfer a lot of media. DearMob iPhone Manager is a one-stop destination for all your iPhone need. Starting from transferring photos, media, files, messages to iPhone Migration, DearMob iPhone manager got you covered.

    iTunes is one such application that an iPhone user uses very often. But, it has lost its accountability in recent times. DearMob is the best alternative for iTunes and many such applications. If you want to migrate your old iPhone or iPad files to a new one. You can simply use DearMob application on your Windows or Mac. They provide full support to 15 different file types and are efficient. Usually, privacy and security is the main concern of users when they want to perform any such task. DearMob iPhone Manager, encrypt your data and provide the best service.

    You can transfer music and manage your playlist, and even backup music without iTunes. If you are struggling to manage thousands of photos and videos, DearMob is one of the best iPhone Photo Manager, you can easily edit, delete, and manage your Media.

    Do not worry about any complexity in using the application. DearMob is really easy and handy application, if you still got stuck, you can always look into their user guides under ‘How to Use‘. If you want to transfer photos from iPhone to Computer, you can do it with 1 simple click. It was always merry to have a routine backup of your files, right? With the best User-Interface, you will love using the application on a regular basis.

    You can check this YouTube tutorial to learn “How to backup and manage iPhone with DearMob

    DearMob iPhone Manager is free to download, but if you are looking for some exclusive features, do try their premium version. Right now, the company is offering users 50% holiday discount.

    With our conclusion, DearMob is the best iPhone managing application that provides an easy user requirement solution to all iDevice users. Without compromising your privacy, quality of files, and accurate efficiency, DearMob is all-in to go for.

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