9 Best DNS Propagation Checker to try in 2021

    DNS Propagation is a process that allows you to check the website’s live status through various countries.

    Online service to check dns propagation 2020

    When you change the name servers of your domain towards the domain’s registrar or to another hosting, it takes time for the domain to get live or display changes worldwide. If the domain hasn’t changed its nameserver to that particular country, it will either be taken down or will show old content.

    Some countries may instantly adopt the change in DNS (domain name server) and some may take time. So, to reduce your work and to make it easier for you to know which countries have taken the changes and your site is live in, we got the list of ‘Best Sites To Check DNS Propagation’.

    Best DNS Propagation Checker

    1. App Synthetic Monitor

    App Synthetic Monitor pings your website to over 60+ monitoring stations around the world through 90 different locations. You can ping your website or server and receive the details instantly. 

    They offer paid service through which will receive your domain’s or server’s status 24/7. You can opt for email, SMS, or RSS feed as per your convenience.  

    2. Nexcess

    Nexcess process your domain’s propagation to over 20 locations globally including 2 personal DNS locations of their own. You can individually check the ‘record type‘ of your domain’s DNS change related to which you have a query.

    3. ViewDNS

    ViewDNS is easy to use online services to check your DNS propagation over 14 locations. They provide 25 different services other than the DNS propagation checker. Among which Traceroute, IP lookup, ping, and Port scanner are the best.

    4. PropagatedYet

    PropagatedYet is one of the Best DNS propagation checkers on the web. They have changed their services to ‘‘ recently but their services haven’t changed a bit.

    They lookup for DNS propagation around 20 different countries and even provide an ‘expected value’ option, where you can confirm if it been changed to the correct name server or not. You can check your DNS changes on a world map for better User experience.

    5. Site24x7

    Site24x7 is my personal best DNS propagation checker. It is smooth, it shows the load time of the website. It runs DNS propagation check through 14 different and unique servers. Site24x7 provides information on website ‘live status’ from 7 different countries.

    You can check website availability, ping your website, find IP and location of your website, and get detailed DNS analysis.

    6. DNS Checker has a similar interface from that of PropagatedYet. They ping your website to 24 different countries and around 27 different servers spread globally. They provide ‘Google chrome extension’ to ease in your service.

    7. IntoDNS

    IntoDNS is the cleanest and one of the Best DNS propagation checkers in this list. Enter your domain address, hit the ‘report‘ button. You will get detailed DNS information. 

    IntoDNS run almost 45 tests through your domain including ‘DNS propagation checking’. It gives the status of those 45 tests. If any of the tests give ‘unhealthy’ status, IntoDNS provide a quick tip to fix it.

    8. MXToolBox

    MXToolBox provides 36 different services including DNS propagation, website health check, ping, trace, and different lookups of your domain. They are currently running on ‘beta’ mode. 

    If you are looking for a website to perform various checks of your domain, MXToolBox is your choice.


    Last, in the list, is not the least. It is among the best DNS Propagation checker service in the world. It is a mobile-friendly site and checks different web servers including Google, Norton, Comodo, OpenDNS, Verisign, and Level3. 

    It runs DNS check to 12 countries, each country has 3 unique servers. So in total, it provides 36 checks/lookup of your domain.

    We hope you liked this article and got the information you were looking for. Along with DNS propagation, we recommend checking different services provided by the above sites.

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