How to Remove Feedback Smiley Button in Microsoft Edge

If you launch Chromium Edge and take a look at the right side of the toolbar, you will find a feedback smiley button. If you want to remove it from there, then a blog post is for you.

How to Remove Feedback Smiley Button in Microsoft Edge

Feedback Smiley button in Edge Chromium allows users to send feedback to Microsoft by making a single click. Some users might not be interested in sharing feedback and would like to remove the button, and if you made up so far, then the chances are that you’re one out of them.

Unfortunately, there’s no option in the Chromium Edge in Canary, Dev, and Beta Channel GUI to remove it, but that doesn’t mean its impossible.

The stable version of Edge Chromium which was unofficially leaked recently doesn’t have the Feedback smiley button. This help enthusiast in finding out the exact value to hide the button.

In upcoming lines, we will show a quick registry hack to remove feedback smiley button from Chromium Edge.

Delete Feedback Smiley Button from Edge Chromium

1. Type regedit in the Search bar and when Registry Editor appears in the search results, click to open it.

When UAC dialog box pop-up click Yes to continue.

2. In the Registry Editor address bar, you need to copy-paste following the key address and hit enter


You can create sub-key with name Edge if its not available and then under it, create 32-bit DWORD UserFeedbackAllowed. If its Value Data is:

UserFeedbackAllowed dword value edge
  • UserFeedbackAllowed = 1 – the smiley button is visible (used by default).
  • UserFeedbackAllowed = 0 – the smiley button is disabled.

Keep in mind, if you’re running 64-bit Windows; still, you need to create 32-bit DWORD value.

Note: Even if you are running 64-bit Windows, you must still create a 32-bit DWORD value.

So this is how to remove Feedback smiley button from Microsoft Edge Chromium browser.


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