How to Add or Remove Feedback Button in Microsoft Edge Toolbar

    The following blog post has instructions on how to add or remove the Feedback button in the Microsoft Edge toolbar.

    How to Add or Remove Feedback Button in Microsoft Edge Toolbar

    Microsoft Edge browser has a Feedback tool that appears in the toolbar on the upper right corner, and in the menu. With the help of the Feedback button you can quickly send suggestions and complain about the issues you’re facing while using the browser.

    Add and Remove Feedback Button in Microsoft Edge

    In case, you’re interested in adding a Feedback button to the toolbar or in the menu, then here’s how you can do that:

    Launch the Microsoft Edge browser.

    Next, click on the Settings and more (…) icon and select Settings from the menu.

    Show feedback button in microsoft edge appearance settings.

    Here, on the left side, switch to the Apperance tab. On the right side, move the slide for Show feedback button to ON position.

    At any point, you want to remove the Feedback button, then you can reverse the steps discussed above.

    Alternatively, you can also Right-click on the Feedback button available on the toolbar and select Hide from toolbar.

    hide feedback button from the toolbar.

    You can also add and remove the Feedback button from the Send feedback option available in the Microsoft Edge settings context menu. Here’s how you can manage the feedback button from there:

    Go to Settings and more (…) > Help and feedback > Send feedback. Right-click and select ‘Show in toolbar‘ or ‘Hide in toolbar.’ Like shown in the following screenshot:

    add and remove feedback button from the edge browser

    You can also forcefully show and hide the Feedback button in the Microsoft Edge browser using the Registry Hack. For that, you need to:

    Launch Registry Editor and head over to the following key:


    • UserFeedbackAllowed = 1 – the feedback button is visible.
    • UserFeedbackAllowed = 0 – the feedback button is disabled

    You need to find or create the same DWORD 32-bit value and set the above Value data depending on your requirement.

    Are you going to add the Feedback button in the Toolbar? Or Keep it hidden? We would like to hear your opinion in the comments.

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