How to Set Specific Wallpaper of Windows 10 Theme as Desktop Background

    The blog post has a quick workaround on how to set particular wallpaper of any Windows 10 Theme as a desktop background.

    set theme wallpaper as desktop background

    When it comes to customizing desktop background of Windows 10, there are plethora of themes available on the Microsoft store and internet which you can use. Recently, the company has published a set of high-quality 4K themes for Windows 10 on Microsoft Store.

    Some users might want to set particular wallpaper from these as a desktop background in Windows 10. Like the earlier version of Windows 10, it is not possible to achieve the same thing officially.

    In this blog post, we will guide you on how to quick workaround on how to pick a particular image from the theme and set it as a desktop background.

    So whenever you download the theme from Microsoft Store, the OS creates a particular folder for that theme which has all the important files related to the theme including all the wallpapers.

    All we have to do is to head over to that particular theme folder and from there select the image and set it as a desktop background using the standard procedure. Here’s how you can do it

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    Set specific Wallpaper of Windows 10 theme as Desktop Wallpaper

    1. If you have already downloaded the theme which contains the picture which you want to set as a desktop background, then head over to the next step. Else download the theme first.

    You can check our blog post on New 4K Themes for Windows 10 featuring all the themes Microsoft has released so far.

    2. Launch File Explorer and head over Windows 10 themes folder location which is as follow:


    In the above address, you need to replace User with your system username in my case its Viney

    Note – Make sure hidden items option is checked in the File Explorer folder option located under the View tab. Else, you will not find AppData folder under User folder. Learn how to show hidden files and folders

    3. Once you reach Themes folder inside it you will find folders for themes that you have installed on your computer. Open the theme folder containing the picture.

    theme folder in windows 10 file explorer

    For this post, I’m taking the example of ‘Take a moment‘ theme for Windows 10.

    4. Inside a particular theme folder (In my case its ‘Take a mo’) open ‘DesktopBackground‘ folder. There you will find a list of all wallpaper the theme has.

    desktopbackground folder in windows 10 file explorer

    5. Navigate to the one you looking for. Make a right-click and select “Set as desktop background” and in no second it will be your default desktop background.

    set as desktop background option in windows 10

    You can copy-paste your favorite picture from the theme to your wallpaper collection folder or wherever you want.

    Find this workaround useful? We would like to hear from you in the comments.

    Thanks HTNovo for the tip.

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