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Microsoft Edge gets a new Downloads flyout


Starting with Microsoft Edge Canary v89.0.760.0, the company has made another visual change to the Downloads manager of the browser. It is now possible for the users to show the Download button to the toolbar, clicking the same button will open downloads in a Flyout menu

Edge developers are working hard on integrating a new toolbar with the flyout menu. The purpose of doing so is to makes it easier for the users to manage downloads without visiting the dedicated bookmark page in the browser.

As of writing this blog post, the Edge developers has already integrated the Collection, Favorites, and History button into the toolbar, and with the latest update Download button is also integrated into the toolbar.

Show or Hide Downloads button in Edge Toolbar

In case, you want to check how the new Downloads flyout is integrated into Edge toolbar and what new it has, then first of all you need to pin the Download button to the toolbar, here’s how you can do that:

Launch Microsoft Edge, click on the Ellipse (…) icon and select Settings.

On the left side, switch to the Appearance tab (edge://settings/appearance), and then on the right side under the Customize toolbar.

show or hide downloads button in microsoft edge toolbar

Here, the slider for Downloads button to ON position.

Alternatively, you can also click the Ellipse (…) icon and go to Downloads. Here, right-click and select ‘Show in toolbar‘.

At this point, you have successfully enabled Download flyout in the toolbar of the Edge browser. Now, if you click the Download button, and improved flyout menu will open on the right side of the browser with various options.

Microsoft Edge has a new Flyout menu for Managing Downloads

If you click the Downloads button, you will see a Pause button that allows you to quickly stop or resume downloads and open Downloads folder. There’s an (X) icon, clicking on it will instantly stop the downloading. It also contains a fresh compact save dialog.

Apart from this, Downloads flyout has its own menu. You can open it by clicking the Ellipse (…) icon. In the menu, you will find options to

  • Manage downloads
  • Clear all downloads history
  • Download Settings
  • Hide Downloads button from the toolbar.

You can check following screenshot for clear idea about how Downloads flyout looks like:

Microsoft Edge has a new Flyout menu for Managing Downloads

Pin Downloads menu to Edge Sidebar

In case, you’re not a fan of the flyout menu, then the good news is that you can also pin Downloads menu to the right side of the Edge browser, just like the History, and Bookmarks menu. Here’s how you can do that:

Click on the Downloads button on the toolbar and from the menu click the Pin Downloads (Pin) icon. Doing this will instantly move the flyout menu to the right side of the screen.

Microsoft Edge has a new Flyout menu for Managing Downloads

In case, you’re running the latest version of Edge Canary and improved downloads flyout menu isn’t appearing for you, then fret not. The feature is rolled out by the company under controlled feature rollout.

That’s all about this blog post. We would like to hear your thoughts about improved downloads flyout in the comments.

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