PowerToys for Windows 10 gets new ‘Color Picker’ Module

PowerToys for Windows 10 new module called Color picker

Microsoft’s PowerToy has recently come up with a new module for Windows 10. This new application is ‘Color picker’.  The color picker option is really reliable for users who want accurate color composition. This feature basically selects the color of the screen pixel where the cursor is. Once you activate the color picker, where ever

How to Launch Programs Quickly on Windows 10 using PowerToys Run

How to Launch Programs Quickly on Windows 10 using PowerToys Run

The following blog post has instructions on how to use PowerToys Run to quickly launch programs in Windows 10. Microsoft’s PowerToys has a quick launcher using which users can easily search and open programs with a keyboard. The feature is similar to Spotlight search available on the devices running macOS. Right now, you can only

Download and Install PowerToys on Windows 10 PC (Instructions)

Download PowerToys app for Windows 10

If you have used Windows 95 and Windows XP, then you definitely aware of PowerToys. The application is now available for Windows 10. Let’s learn everything about the app. PowerToys for Windows 10 PowerToys is a set of free programs that helps in adding new features to Windows OS. After Windows XP, Microsoft stopped releasing